Renoise and S88 Komplete Kontrol Midi mapping issue

Hi there!

I am trying to midi map my Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol s88 keyboard to have the play/rec/stop buttons trigger when I press the respective buttons on the actual keyboard. The only problem is, those buttons are doubled with my 7th octave keys. To better understand, if I have an instrument on and I press any of the play/stop/rec keys they will play a sound on the instrument rather than be blank. If I try to remap them then I cannot use those keys on the keyboard anymore. The piano keys become mapped for the play/rec/stop functions as well…

Anyone know how I could bypass this? Also, is there any way I could get Renoise to better integrate with my S88 Keyboard (the same way in which this keyboard apparently works premapped with more famous DAWS such as Ableton) ?

Thank you all for your help!