Renoise And Sausage Fattener Vst

Hey everyone. Does anyone else have the plugin Sausage Fattener (made by Dada Life)?
I bought it yesterday and I have a small problem running it in Renoise.

I have it placed on many tracks at once (maybe 5 instances) and it all works fine until suddenly one channel (for some reason always the second channel) will have it’s parameters suddenly changed (the fatness suddenly becomes 0.870) and all of instances of the plugin reset to their default values.

It’s very annoying as it happens suddenly and without warning it seems. There’s no automation controlling the plugins, i’ll be doing something else when it suddenly changes.

Are you sure there’s no automation recorded? You can record by right-clicking a parameter (in the native view at least) and this can go in either the automation lanes or as pattern commands.

I can’t find a useful bit for external plugins or on the symbols but I’ll see if I can explain…]

There should be a little button, IIRC it looks like a small arrow pointing to the right, if you click on this it should display the parameters of the plugin as if it was a native Renoise DSP. From here find the parameter that is changing itself.

See this image:

Between the sliders and the value boxes you see different icons in the little squares. This relate to automation in different areas. The bottom two have no automation at all, the three above are all automated in that pattern (pattern, graphical and both.) If the automation is in a different pattern that that which you are editing the symbol will still be there but it will be grey, rather than highlighted. Not shown in the image unfortunately.

Thanks for the reply, but it’s definitely not automated. None of the boxes are checked, searched through every column, The thing is usually it plays through the entire song fine. Just every so often this happens. I was doing a mix down and mastering of my track and it must have happened 3 times over the course of a day. The second channel (which was my snare, not that it matters) would suddenly have it’s values altered and all the others would reset. So I would have to set the levels on all of them again, only to have it happen a couple of hours later.

Isn’t it some kind of demo restriction? (random parameters every x minutes)

Thanks, that sounded like a reasonable suggestion. However it already seems to be fully licensed to me. (It has my name on it etc). The last thing I am trying is previously I was running the 32 bit version on Windows 7, I have now switched to the 64 bit version, lets see :D

I have something similar with this plugin, except it only hppens when I close renoise. All the plugin settings get reset to zero. any advice?