Renoise and SuperCollider integration

I’ve started to develop a a suite of sc classes and Renoise extensions that make using the two tools together a little more pleasurable.

If you fancy taking a peek they can be found here:

Currently they provide a simple way of wrapping your SuperCollider synths with Renoise instruments and makes controlling Renoise via OSC that bit more convieniant.

The SynthDef wrapping is only working on Linux using Jack currently.

Pattern population, simple wrapping of fx you build in Sc and all sorts of other niceness are planned.

Any feedback would be very much appreciated.


Good stuff, wish I was as fluent in SC as some of my mates, do you have some music examples of this set-up?

I’m interested in this. I think there’'s a lot of room for exploiting the renoise sequencer as a notepad for algorithmic composition data. I’ve mucked around with using lua, but there’s much more that can be done.

Another approach would be a set of higher-level classes / function to do musical phrase manipulation and synthesis within renoise/lua.

As far as SC goes, the ideal would be to somehow run SC as a plugin. That’s probably not feasible… short of that a seamless workflow for generating/importing samples in SC and midi/controller data would be pretty cool.

Not yet I’m afraid. Hopefully I’ll find time to finish some pieces and slap a video together over the next month or so. University has me fairly busy for next week or two.

Hopefully I’ll have a simple method for using SC’s patterns to drive Renoise ready soon. For now I’m having plenty of fun using .noteOn and .noteOff with tasks and routines and the Scale class. It’d be great to get some of SC’s classes ported to Lua at some point…

I think it’d be possible to wrap SC synths up via Dssi or something one day. I’m not looking at that at the moment though for now I’ll probably just focus on smoothing out the work flow for using the two tools together via Jack.

This is great! Nice one! :D

I’ve been messing around with this and it works very well. I haven’t gotten around to sending OSC to Renoise yet, as I’m not familiar enough with SC to get much out of it, but that could be very interesting.

I’ve been tinkering with generating music from Renoise scripts and you can certainly get very interesting results, much easier and far more musical than I could using Csound or PureData.
I think there’s a lot to be said for just sending OSC messages to Renoise and doing the algorithmic/whatever work outside of Renoise. Particularly when you can easily send Renoise an entire script to run. For example, you can set something like Iannix up to control a filter cutoff without opening the scripting terminal in Renoise.