Renoise and TouchOSC


I am trying to send OSC messages from TouchOSC to Renoise, but get the “/transport/start with 1 arguments (REJECTED)”
In particular, I just want to sent the /renoise/transport/start message.

In the TouchOSC editor, I created a simple push button and entered “/renoise/transport/start” in the OSC message box. Also, I put Value Range from 0 to 0 (any other values don’t make any difference).

In Renoise, I use the Udp protocol over port number 8001 (which is the port that TouchOSC sends to as well).

What am I doing wrong? How can I send this message with zero arguments? Or, how can I tell Renoise to ignore the arguments?

Many thanks.

I use Control, not TouchOSC, because I’m using Android devices and with Control I can create my own screens and such. But similar app.

I don’t know how ToucOSC works to let you decide what to send, but I have my Control screens for Renoise here:

Maybe the code can help suggest what to do.

The thing that might be key is that you can’t send any arguments. In Control this is done by invoking a custom message-sending function, otherwise, by default, it sends a value associated with the UI control being used. TouchOSC may be the same.

I had the same initial trouble getting a button to toggle the transport state until I realized that OSC handlers are not going to just ignore arguments if they aren’t expecting any.

BTW, have you seen this?

Might help.