Renoise And Uad Card

Hi there,

I’ve tried to PM the single user (TNT97) here whom I could find with experience on this subject. However he is not responding. Are there any guys around here that have any experience with Renoise and UAD cards? I’m planning to buy one in the near future and would love to know the pro’s and con’s.

The biggest hassle would probably be latency correction which would needed to be implemented manually as renoise doesn’t support this yet. Can anybody provide me more insight on how the UAD plugins work in the renoise environment? Thanks!

yeah, they don’t work together at all basically.
something i would like to see change, as i had to buy cubase just to be able to work with the wonderful plugs.


Thanks Xerxes, this has been a tremendous help already, I can imagine the latency could manually be introduced to other channels where necessary. It’s quite a bit of work but seems doable. This would eliminate/solve the latency issue. Any other things I need to know about?

If so I’m probably better of spending my money on something else.