Renoise And Vsti's, both get Key Focus?

I went through the recent topics of the bug report forum and didn’t find this issue, any way if this is a duplicate I’m sorry.

I found this behavior (which I can’t recall in previous versions) when trying to change z3ta+ VSTi’s presets by cursor keys. When the VST’s gui is in focus, still the pattern editor is active and affected by keyboard.

How to replicate this bug:
1 - Open renoise.
2 - Add a VST instrument and open its external editor.
3 - Click anywhere on the VST’s gui to focus on it.
4 - Press any of the cursor keys or the tab key => pattern editor is affected in spite of the VST gui being in focus.

I’m using windows XP SP2.

is the checkbox on the lower left of the VST window unchecked?

If it wouldn’t, you would not be able to play the VSTi with the keyboard while the VSTi window is in front.

Unfortunately there is no way to always make sure that the VSTi does not get key events while Renoise already got them. All this stuff is not handled in the VST standard, so everyone does it different and you can not rely on anything…

As IT said: But with the checkbox you can set up if you want to either send the kes to Renoise, or the VSTi…

Yes, it was unchecked. When I check it, only the vsti’s gui will be in focus = problem is solved.

Thanks for the description taktik, really appreciated. :)