Renoise and waves plugins

Anybody have trouble with these plugins when used in renoise?im forever deleting wave shells and reinstalling…

Dealing with Waves plugins is definitely a nightmare!
… but I think once you manually find the correct Waveshells and copy them into the VST folder you are good to go, at least mine is finally working after copying 7 different waveshell_x86 files to my VST folder.

This doesn’t satisfy my plugins unfortunately,I have 100s of them,some respond to deleting the shell and reinstalling, unfortunately it generally crashes after a while,repeating the whole process again…

Maybe make sure the Waveshell DLLs is only in one of your VST folders?

Do you have all the different versions for the waveshell from VST 9.92 - 12.1 in your VST folder? I have these:
WaveShell1-VST 9.92.dll (wonder why this is there)
WaveShell1-VST 9.92_x64.dll
WaveShell1-VST 11.0_x64.dll
WaveShell2-VST 11.0_x64.dll
WaveShell2-VST 12.0_x64.dll
WaveShell2-VST 12.1_x64.dll
WaveShell3-VST 10.0_x64.dll

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They have a lot of info on their site about these issues, have you digged through their mess?

I had trouble when I got some new waves plugins and only half of them ever appeared in Renoise, asked their support and they basically told me “your daw is not supported we won’t help you”, really bad customer service. I dug into the folders and tried copying some of the dll’s to my vst folder one by one and with one particular one all the plugins appeared.

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No I don’t , I’m assuming I don’t because I bought a bundle, can you download them from the website?as far as I remember I have 4 different wave shells,il have to check when I get home,frustrating because I think waves plugins are A+

I had missing plugins too, I had to manually copy all the DLL waveshell files I mentioned earlier to my main VST folder for some stupid reason only Waves knows. I believe I copied them from the different subfolders of this folder on PC:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Waves

Yeah that’s what I have been doing and I also have other folders for the 64 bit plugs

Maybe try check if they are all registered to your current computer?

More recent waves come with new waveshell dlls/vsts. You usually do not require any old waveshell. Renoise is so smart that it will not forget any setting you might done in your VST hiercharchy list, even if the plugin is removed temporarily. But regarding Waves, Renoise behaves unusual: If plugins do not appear, you need to completely remove any waveshell from your plugins dirs first. Then you have to restart Renoise and do a new complete scan (any waves plugins are removed). Now you have to restart Renoise once again, but before that, you place the waveshells back. Now Renoise should find any waves plugin properly. To make a long story short: Renoise is confused if another waveshell version replaced the functionality / plugin index of an old one. For audiounits, you also have to restart your mac or restart the audiounit manager process each time, too.

Good idea to rescan. Anyway when I did it I had to copy the various versions of the waveshell else my old Version 9 plugins etc. didn’t show as they are now considered Legacy version and not included in the new Waves Central, so these you have to instally separately right!?
In my case I downloaded Waves version 9 legacy from and the rest was installed through the Waves Central application.