Renoise Anticipation Report

Gotta love those cellphones! Here’s some bullshit from that night, hehe…

Sinatra talking about Gluten… Or was that Lactose?
Hansee saying “lemfitte”
Sagosen saying something about… uh…lofi preview of a Hansee-tune with bullshit chattering afterwards :)
Sagosen making a memo to himself
Xerxes going nuts about a red car… huh? Hehe…
GET THIS!!! :D Renoise Anticipation Party themesong!! :D

enough now… :)

Now, for some visuals:

xerxes up close and personal
hansee being happy
xerxes posing :rolleyes:
xerxes lost his pose
sinatra preparing for anal sex. I mean, a shower…
hansee less happy but still happy
sinatra after anal sex. I mean shave…
sagosen just had a bright idea
xerxes preparing for anal sex
hansee just not giving a f****

Hum, we have mooore! :P

Xerxes, trying to comprehend my being on the ground
ehm, who’s the victim here??
ALMOST out there with the girls… Almost! :rolleyes:
Sinatra having a bright moment!
xerxes in the morning, xerxes in the… uh, morning. Yeah.
He’s just faking, he’s SOOO hung over!!! haha…
Hansee had the coolest day-after-f****head EVER! :D
My cute friend Lilli, representing the girls we for some Reason were unable to get home for a nachspiel… :blink:

Hope it was as good for you as it were for us, heehee… :w00t:


Genious. I laugh my ass off. :lol:

Oh my! Snakk om NM i dreggkasting… glad jeg ikke var der! :blink:


seems you all had a nice time :)

I believe we should finally try organise a global Renoiser Party. We be cool to meet some of you sick persons :D

Ah, we try… :rolleyes:

Oh, I’m so confused with Rns 1.5 and all the bug reports an everything. I could make some, too. But I need to sleep first to give a good report.

Back to off-topic (hehe, who could say that?):

Sagosen, listening to Elektro 4. On crappy laptop speakers for now but your tune is still good :)