Renoise API

I write this idea on behalf of a friend of mine, experienced tracking musician, who would like to write some plugins (FXs and instruments) for RNS, but dislikes VST API.

He would like to have a way to receive track effects and parameters and send them to external generators/effects, the same way VST does, but not via MIDI, thus not having all the limitations VST have.

This way, everyone could write his own generator and share it with others, using them exactly the same way as they use RNIs/XIs.

I hope I’ve been clear enough, thanks.

Hopefully we’ll have an API for Renoise DSP’s and instruments and Devices. However, I do not think it should happen before Renoise 1.3 or even Renoise 2.0. Like that we’ll have a solid foundation for an API as Renoise may be changing to add things.

agree with lunar. we also have no internal generators yet …

please contact me @
like the idea to develope the pluginterface interface with a plugdeveloper