Renoise Api

Now that the open file format is here, would it be possible to have some sort of API interface to access the data of a renoise song while it’s open? It would be a great way for amateur developers to try out some ideas for interfaces or note manipulation.

The ‘API’ could be as easy as an actual Song.xml file that’s periodically checked for changes by Renoise - for instance whenever the focus changes back to Renoise.

What do you think?

This is an interesting idea but for now it’s more of an outline, a vision, than a well-thought and designed feature. It’s possible that in future something like this will exist. But don’t expect it anytime soon, we still have to:

  • have the XML format stable (it’s still changing)
  • have the XML format documented
  • write some libraries that will help 3rd party devs to do the processing

These things are under development for now. Song API comes (long) afterwards.


that would offer many possibilities
if i remember right, that was planned anyways.
check the end of this discussion:…;f=3&t=1739

i read that thread a bit, looks pretty good!

hmm, i had never seen that thread, what happened?
is this still in development or did the idea get replaced with something else?
maybe it was because renoise wanted to also be on osx, an for compatibility reasons it never happened?

ah! answered my own question by scanning through both threads.

Renoise API ??? Wow, that would make for endless possibilities !

I currently use CPS ( for creating midi-translating patches. The CPS interface makes for a very flexible programming environment, that could perhaps serve as inspiration? Perhaps even integrate it, as it is able to export C++ code (the developer kit will be available free or charge in the nearby future).

Also, I think that there should be the ability to create “plugins” that could potentially crash the Renoise application! Instead of limiting the possibilities that we have, give us something that will unleash the creative imagination… :)

danoise, is CPS a free dsp?

from what i see so far it looks to be aspiring to be greater than reaktor an max/msp.

thanks for sharing this with us. :)

I have one request in regards to a Renoise API: .Net support.

That is all… :P

And on the Mac?

Let’s say: Mono support :blink:

Or better yet: Python support :w00t:

It should support as many programming languages as possible IMO… just because an API supports .Net doesn’t mean it can’t also support hypercard, or whatever Macs use these days :lol:

Oh, and I’ll put in one for Dblue: “Delphi plz kthx” :P

I’d learn C++ in a heartbeat if there was a Renoise API :P



j/k only thing i care about is OSC support!

A while ago I did suggest this little step on the road to a full api.

Python support is not far from what has been used for debugscripting. (That menu has been removed from the beta’s :P )
I heard this term from Mr. T as well regarding using this for third party development tools.
But this is still a brainstorm idea.