External Loaders And Savers

Just a quick thought. Now when renoise has an open format for saving it’s songs I think it would be a great idea to break out the load and save functionality for alien formats into separate files. For example like this:

C:\Program Files\Renoise\Loader\xm.dll
C:\Program Files\Renoise\Loader\it.dll
C:\Program Files\Renoise\Loader\mod.dll
C:\Program Files\Renoise\Loader\midi.dll
C:\Program Files\Renoise\Loader\octamed.dll
C:\Program Files\Renoise\Saver\midi.dll


And by just implement a specified interface anyone can then easily make his own importer or exporter directly integrated into Renoise. The interface can for the loader for example take a filestream and return xml and a samplecollection, and for the save functionality do the opposite.

(a similar thing for the metadevices would in the future also be a nice thing but that will ofcorse be a lot harder to implement ;))

yeah, a Renoise API, already discussed a lot in the past, is the next step in modularity, in my opinion.

possibilities of such a feature would be thrilling…

While a full plug-in API would be a pretty big task to implement I think this loader/saver-implementation would be a pretty small thing to do now when the format is xml-based and a feature that can be implemented i a version pretty close to 1.8. ;)

i like this idea!

especially because ive been having a few troubles loading old xm’s in 1.8.

maybe instead, there could be a program like Vvoois’s Rigen, that could convert all mod formats into xrns? ive barely scratched the surface of figuring out how to do something like this. so i can only offer alternative ideas. :)