Renoise Api

-------- Functions -> [renoise.Application object] -> [renoise.Song object]  
renoise.tool() -> [renoise.ScriptingTool object]  
-- Not much else going on here...  
-- for renoise.Application, see Renoise.Application.API,  
-- for renoise.Song, see Renoise.Song.API,  
-- for renoise.ScriptingTool, see Renoise.ScriptingTool.API,  
-- and so on.  

but these are all sub-API’s:

  • Renoise.Application.API.lua
  • Renoise.Document.API.lua
  • Renoise.Midi.API.lua
  • Renoise.Osc.API.lua
  • Renoise.ScriptingTool.API.lua
  • Renoise.Socket.API.lua
  • Renoise.Song.API.lua
  • Renoise.ViewBuilder.API.lua

so, why is there no mention of the other API’s in the Renoise.API.lua document?

You missed the two Constants too, API Version and Renoise Version, which are part of this API.

And it does tell you to look at other sections for other areas.

yeah it does but i think it strange they are not mentioned at all… why would they just be implied? it is meant to be a full description, right? same thing would be saying ‘here is some of the functions, but if you want to see all do oprint(bla) in the terminal’, but that is not what is being done, everything is described. so it feels inconsistent to me.

This is Class Renoise.

It has these Constants.

It has these Functions (not actually sure what those Functions are as there are APIs with the same name, with all their own functions too.)

This class also contains these Sub-Classes (and then list them.)

Guess it would make sense and not sure my terminology is correct, especially between Class and Object…

i’m not entirely sure about this either… functions can have their own functions?
the explanation should be somewhat related to what Conner_BW said here, but i’m not sure i can put all the pieces together yet…