Renoise ARM Linux Port

It would be cool to run on a Raspberry Pi or similar device. :stuck_out_tongue:


The Raspberry Pi has a different architecture than desktop and laptop computers, so Renoise does not run on it. Taktik would need to specifically compile it for that architecture (ARM).

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Yes, he would.

However, it seems that since there was once a PPC version of it there isn’t much x86 dependent stuff.

You’d lose things like VST support (which is terrible in Linux anyway) but there’s no tracker that does proper MIDI sync on the Pi, the best sequencer available is seq24 and it needs one.

Also could look at PD integration. PD is BSD license so they could include it without much worry.

Also poke around to look for ideas to incorporate into Renoise.

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I was searching for a topic like that and I already did an UP on another one of a guy asking for a RPI port.
I think that a Renoise ARM port would be awesome and definitely RPi would be a (mostly) complete audio workstation.

Definitely looking for that <3

Same here, I am convinced that the first linux version which was 1.9.0 would work just fine on a raspberry 4, I would love to have that, we need ARM binaries. Please consider this :slight_smile:

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