Renoise Arranger Idea And Demo!

My Idea:

You can create yours pattern in “Pattern View” and after drag it in “Arranger View” for Extends your song!!!

Try the demo online at:


Read the Istructions in Tip Of The Day Windows at startup!!!

Very cool! That is exactly the kind of arranger I would like to see…

very good example for implementing an arranger into renoise :rolleyes:

Thanx to all !!! :lol:

excellent !


yum :dribble:

Now that’s what i call a Demo!

Amazing. You can even press the play button and it play something. Maybe we should port Renoise to flash ? :)

But what I dont get is the mixture between “patterns” and “tracks”. In your movie, you drag patterns around, which would then not be much more than what you can already do with the sequencer. So the blocks that you move around, should be the “tracks”, shouldnt they ?

Yes… I Agree with Bantai !!! :)

Don’t think so, we get a lot of undesired timing and syncing issues.

Bantai’s idea is workable, you can probably do a lot expanding the current “Render selection to sample” routine to that sort of stuff.

You actually create sample-snippets from the patterns and arrange those in the arranger.

Why dont you discuss this in the Arranger thread?

Making a clip from a selection over several tracks in the pattern, is the same as ‘grouped-track-clips’ and is well covered in the Arranger thread.

As suggested there you will have control on clips for each track. And also on large groups of clips connected within a timeframe (= patterns). Do you really need something ‘track independent’ in between this? I think its enough to simply make small groups of track clips. With some sorting options for the clip-pool as well as some good merge options for overlapping clips, then there should be no problem working the way you want.


Wow really cool to see a idea working like that interactively. Also double clicking taking you to the pattern editor is a nice touch! This will I really help to quickly arrange a song.