Renoise Artist Q&A Sessions

Q&A with artists of any sort, they just have to use Renoise. They do alot of these over at DOA, and i find them really useful and interesting.

The wealth of talent which use Renoise pretty huge, so I don’t see why someone wouldn’t want to do one… Artists like Vaccine, B Complex, Venetian Snares etc. They’re all a bit too famous now, but i’m sure there are more :P. What do you reckon?

Probably up to a scary Mod like VV to sort something like this out, but i reckon it could be quite a good thing. Even if we can’t find anyone initially, maybe there could be a vote to have one of the forum regulars interrogated?

I’d like to pick Foo?'s, plugexpert’s or lain’s brain :)
I’d add Kaneel to the list if he had the latest Renoise.

only BotB/Vivace is interested? :huh:

Kaneel, ive paypalled you since you need the money… ;)

the list at the top wasn’t to insult any other big artists that i didn’t mention btw… not like they would care about a red eyed forumites opinion…

ofcoz id like to see botb, plug, kaneel, dblue and all other great renoisers in a Q/A!
but i also like to see vsnares…pretty sure he’s up for it… if he can find some time :)

in other words …why not famous people?..
would also be a nice additive to teh forums :)

so… go for it! :)


yeah in an ideal world would love to have those massive artists, who knows maybe theyll surprise us… i know bantai is in conatct with Vaccine? maybe… i don’t really have anybodys contact… lol maybe someone knows these people or ill try and contact them somehow…

I’d like to add Sunjammer and ASC to the list ;)

Know there are loads others. How many of them use Renoise as main sequencer most of the time who know though. Good to have some words from anybody know who uses and wishes to support the program in my opinion.

I’m honored you think there is brain to pick :)

On the note of us normal folks being self-indulgent, there has been this thread:

well… vsnares is on teh forums…why not PM him?! :)


I bet you quite a few people have PM’d him… its not like hes a regular, hes only got 30 posts… better things for him to do than to check his inbox…

Just having some dignity for the man, consider the plausibility many folks would be tempted to PM the man, i just do exactly the opposite.
Even if you don’t have a life, does not mean that you sometimes don’t want to grasp to those few minutes of peace a day that you else won’t get by answering fanmail :P

Half the artists mentioned in this thread hang out on the chat room… just join #renoise on if you want to pick their brains ;)

I’d be happy to answer the questions, you can also get in touch when I’m online on the irc, I can be a little slow at times when I work on the projects study or travel/play at gigs so forums is ideal form

Decided to make this thread just to get things rolling

You dirty trackers!!!

We’ve only gone and got Hunz :)

Post your questions here