Renoise As A Gift,

I looked on the main site but it doesn’t seem possible to have renoise as a gift. my mate wanted to start producing, the only program he knows of is reason and (ughhh) fruityloops. So I quickly mentioned renoise.
Can I actually buy it for some one else?
Kinda hoping some one can reply quick.,

Yes, you can.

When you get to the [order form]( utma=1.2140492708.1290104108.1293726098.1293737705.107& utmb= utmc=1& utmx=-& select “Yes, I would like to purchase this product as a gift for someone else.”

I, for one, support your gift buying.

Happy holidays.

Woah! wasn’t expecting a reply that quick haha. Thanks alot! Really happy to know renoise does this gift thing!

It’s how I got my first license for Renoise. Thanks Mum!

you got a license from your mom?
holy moly :) sweet! :)

Can i borrow your mum?

I wish my mom was Oprah Winfrey, because look under your seats, there’s a RENOISE LICENSE FOR ALL OF YOU! FOR YOU AND YOU AND YOU AND YOU! …SAY HELLO TO CAPTIAN TRAVOLTA!!!

So much win :D


Does Oprah do this frequently?
Cause I remember watching cartoon which had Oprah parody where she gave a free iPod FOR ALL THE FEMALES IN THE AUDIENCE. Or something like that.

Did somebody say Oprah?

Hahahahaha! Yeeees!!!




I laughed pretty hard at this one… I think I peed a little ;) BAHAHAH!