Renoise as a midi clock slave synchronized with octatrack

I bought octatrack one week ago and wanna sync midi clock with Renoise. There is no problem if Renoise is set as a midi clock master but it doesn’t work when it is set as a slave. I connected Renoise with octatrack using AnalogHeat which sends midi to computer via USB (overbridge). It is easy to check that octatrack sends clock to AnalogHeat (by changing a tempo in octatrack and monitoring tempo changes in AnalogHeat) but it is not affect on Renoise. The LEDs next to the small clock in Renoise do not react as well. Remember, there is no problem with midi connection between Renoise and AnalogHeat if Renoise is set as a midi clock master. I did everything what is written in Renoise user manual (not too much about midi clock sync), midi clock setup in elektron devices looks also correct. Maybe anybody had the same problem? Thanks for your replys!

Did you explicitly set Renoise as the MIDI slave toAnalogHeat ?

I just set in preferences that Renoise should be slave midi clock using AnalogHeat interface. However there was any problem between Renoise and Heat so I used Korg microkontrol in this preferences which is connected to computer via usb as well. Now Im sending clock from octatrack to Korg midi in port and works perfectly. Thanks for your reply. Problem is solved.