Renoise As A Vsti

I’m an old Sk@le user, but now I will change to Renoise, cause I think suggestion will be faster realized in this product.

Ok, this suggestion is not my own, but it is a cool feature, which is really really usefull:
Renoise as a VSTi in Nuendo or Cubase or other studio software

You should have the following possibilities:

  • root renoise instrument slots to the hosts input slots (realized in Skale)
  • edit in renoise while working in the host
  • a seperate menu, where you can switch off some settings, like VSTFx on/off or mixer settings
  • root a single instrument to a VSTi-Slot (as Midi instrument) -> I know I can save renoise.files as midi, but in the working process this is not very handy.

I think, developers should check Sk@le to know exactly, what I mean.

With the mixer, and all the new editions, is it really necessary to make a VSTi now?

If you want a tracker interface to use in Cubase etc, just get Revisit.

<-- wormjar: With the mixer, and all the new editions, is it really necessary to make a VSTi now? -->

But the mixing functions of Cubase (etc.) are much more comfortable than them of Renoise.
There you have automations for every function and yes, the concisness is one of another league.

The most of the song I want to create in renoise, the end mix in studio softwares like Cubase.

P.S. Where I will get Revisit. Want to check it out. Thanx

Yeah fair enough. The mixer is ace in Cubase. If such a mixer was in Renoise it would be amazing

Not only that, imagine the possibilities!!
suddenly renoise would be the ultimate sampler, synth, recorder,
programmer AND fx generator!! cooperations with Logic, Reason,
Cubase and Fruity users are suddenly more than possible…

This sounds like a fukkin ace idea to me

Another big advantage of Renoise as a VSTi is, records can be played by the host from each position in the sample; not only from the start as Renoise and other trackers does it.
It is not very handy to play the song from that position the sample starts, especially if a sample is very long.

I’d like to see an Audio Unit version of Renoise. I also use Logic Pro on a Mac but the plugins that come bundled can only be used within Logic Pro. For me editing drums and basslines in Renoise is ace! But arranging and playing chords in Logic is still what feels more intuitive and natural somehow. The possibility to combine them would certainly make me very happy!

Like previously stated here, use revisit for tracker vsti environment in cubasy progs…please let ultimate dev guru taktik concentrate on teh cool renoise stuff first :) thank you

This is a seriuos problem with trackers, I agree. And your suggestion was worth thinking about.