Renoise as audio editor?

Hi Guys,

Usually, I’m a Live user, but since 2.something I have Renoise as well, actually, in 2013-2014 I finished a whole album only in Renoise, released on the legendary Entropy Records.

The thing is that these days I use Renoise only as an audio editor.
To be honest, it is the MOST STABLE audio editor for Mac right now…I mean, for easy and basic tasks, like, cut, copy, paste, reverse, loop, maximise, etc.

Today, I used it a lot and I was wondering, why don’t you make a “spin-off”, a small, quick app?

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I think actually this might be a good business idea for team taktik. The sample editor also could be put into a separate standalone (and also get some more base features :kissing_heart:). Since there aren’t too many slim and fast audio file editors for macos available. Most are strange.

On Windows, in my office computer, I use Wavosaur.
On Mac, I’ve tried all the major ones…I mean, a lot of loading time, huge amount of useless (for me at least) features…etc.
It is even better to open Renoise and just do the thing. Actually, when I sample from .flac or .mp3 song (surely pirated stuff :D:D:D), I use Renoise, cause’ I can load the whole song, select the part I’d like to sample and click Copy to new instrument and that’s it, I’m done…cut, edit and save the sample.
Since it is fast as hell, I imagine the software would be way faster without the sequencer and mixer part…
…man, I’d use that all the time in parallel with Live :smiley:

i don’t post so often here, but on this… but now i also don’t give a fuck.

This is the best idea ever… I mean, renoise is not my main, but my own daw… once in the couple of months i might open ardour to mix some stuff for some geek friends of mine, because open source freaks record like that. But tracktion is also possible for some time stretching… hypocrite in this reaction but rubberband pro, for free…

But renoise is the only non-free daw, if not the only daw which is using an gpl licensed algorithm for pitch-shifting/time-stretching… (Even ardour doesn’t have it integrated, but i guess someone with lua knowledge would also be able to write a lua script for it… but its not a tracker, so not for me). Renoise and rubberband together as a audio editor, with the renoise API for the sample editor. Come… Would be one of a kind. (and for renoise users you should of course be able to save them as an instrument. :wink: :wink:

To have just a dedicated Renoise sample editor, no distraction of using it in a track directly or so. I guess i would even get a separate license next to my renoise license…

Nice, but.
For me, Redux is a “Renoise spin-off” of the sampler engine.
How about a spin-off of the audio editor part. Just a 2-3MB small and quick app to edit samples.

Yep, good idea. The audio editor is just fine, does the basic tasks straight-forward.

Maybe Audacity does the job in the meantime.

Yes. Renoise is hands down the quickest software for sample cutting, trimming, normalization, setting loop points, changing bit depth & samplerate, etc…

Some added batch processing tools like trim start / end to zero-crossing with set db value, auto-loop, batch renaming and so on could be valuable add-ons.

standalone redux?

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I think this is an amazing idea. The Renoise audio editor is (and has been) one of my favorite things since I started using it. I didn’t realize how good it was until I started trying to edit samples in other DAWs.

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it’s great isn’t it? It’s so easy on the eyes too.

Gosh I love the way it chops.