Renoise as ReWire master - Which ReWire slave should I use?

Hi good people.this is my first post here, so let me introduce myself. I am a lad from Norway and been making music with trackers since protracker on the good old amiga, so yeah I am old:) I am using renoise as my main(only) daw at this point, that is if we do not consider that I from time to time play around with trackers on my c64 too :)… now I have the opportunity to actually get vocals to some of my beats made with reason and therefore I have to implement another tool for that job. Still want renoise to be my main tool all the way so I am now thinking that I will install another daw to my computer an rewire it as slave to renoise. I have 2 possible programs to choose between(i can get (legally off corse) free licenses from a friend. So the question is really this: do anybody know wich of these two would work best as rewired slave? : reason 7 or fl 20?? Thank you in advance good people for your thoughts, advice and help. Pace.

I only know both DAWs you suggested superficially. But AFAIK both are very capable and well suited to do the job you want to use them for. Reason’s focus maybe is more on the modular synth/fx thing and the included DAW editors may be a bit retarded, but I don’t know exactly. fl 20 is extremely capable, if you can be friend with it’s lollypop gui design.

Thx, yeah have seen the gui for both:) the synth stuff and plugins does not interest me since I use renoise for that. So it’s vocal/audio track only. Hoping that when the vocal track is played in the slave it will"follow" the track in renoise so I can make changes in renoise as it plays… If that made sense. Thx again

Open for other options regarding cpu friendly daws for that jo too i might add😊

Personally, Ableton is my go-to Rewire slave DAW. recording is just super straight forward, waveform view is excellent, very clean UI (not like either FL or Reason). I have also heard very good things about Traktion, which is a free (all OS) DAW with rewire support.

I have not touched either FL or Reason is a very long time, but it all comes down to what you are more comfortable with using. Try out the demo’s see what you like better. All DAW’s have their pluses and minuses, in the end its all just up to what workflow you prefer to get your creative ideas out as quickly and easily as possible.

Thx. Will check traction. I’ve has also looked at live. But too expensive. Will check traktion. I do not have the Tim to try several demos to find one of my likings. So it’s make it or brake it with this one

Hi again. An update for you if of interest. Tried traction but was to unfamiliar gui so I could not spend the time working with it. I would not say any pros or cons though due to the fact that I spent 4 min or so… Fl studio did not work well(at least for me given the time spent)… to run it in slave you appeantly need an additional instalation of it as a vst but renoise would not find it. Tried the “regular” way but the sound from it was just hizzing. Maybe it would work if I could spend some time figuring the workaround but I’m on a schedule… So… Installed reason as well and that worked of the bat. Now I can run the vocal I reason as slave in renoise and make the edit along the way in the tracker like I want… Will not use reason for anything else, but this is Not a battle of daws from my side. Comments are appreciated. Pace.

for cpu-friendly i recommend reaper, it’s cheap and should work just fine.

Reason is a good choice, if that’s what worked right off the bat and what clicked for you then all the best! I’m sure in time you will have the opportunity to explore the rest of the DAW. Can get some very decent sounds out of that program. Even some of the stock drum stuff I can say out-classes other DAW’s. I personally wouldn’t recommend Reason for only vocal tracking, just because it’s not as straight forward as some other programs; but it’s also not rocket surgery.