Renoise as Rewire slave for Reaper : can I get MIDI from Reaper into Renoise?


I’m using Renoise as a Rewire slave in Reaper, and noticed the Renoise-Rewire VST in Reaper has a “MIDI send to Rewire” tab. I assume that means I can send MIDI from Reaper to Renoise (whilst I’m getting Renoise’s audio into Reaper). But… I can’t find the way to get the MIDI information from Reaper to Renoise.

Is there any way to do it? I actually found a topic where this precise question was answered negatively by Taktik, but that was fourteen years ago. Any chance it changed since then?

Thanks !

why not start Renoise, then start Reaper, then have Reaper send midi notes to “Renoise Midi-In”?
cutting out the rewire out of it

If your on windows and just want to pass audio and midi back and forth minus the clock / timeline sync Id say forget Rewire and just use ReaRoute for the audio and loopMIDI as a loopback MIDI-port.

I do this all the time and once its all set up it works great.

That being said I only send from Renoise to Reaper not the other way around but I assume It would work exactly the same.

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Thanks for your answers.

I actually do want Renoise to be the rewire slave of Reaper. I like that workflow and would like to keep using it.

Still interested in any hints to send MIDI data from Reaper to Renoise in this configuration, in case anyone has any idea. (I’m on Windows)

I’ll search or ask in the Reaper forums eventually.

loopMIDI is what you want man loopMIDI | Tobias Erichsen

Just tested it and I was able to send MIDI from Reaper to Renoise well Renoise was Rewire slave to Reaper with no issues.

Just define you port names in loopMIDI, then enable them for output in Reapers MIDI devices preferences and the instrument MIDI tab input device in Renoise and your good to go.

Ok thanks a lot i’ll check that out!