Renoise As Rewire Slave With Cubase Studio 4


I’ve recently started using renoise again after a long period :)

I want to use renoise a a Rewire slave in cubase. To accomplish this I’ve done the following:

  • Started Cubase studio 4.5.2 and created a new file.
  • Started the Renoise 2.1 Demo and set is as a rewire slave.
  • In cubase I’ve set the right channels for audio.

When I try to enter some notes into renoise (ESC button) the notes do not appear? When I switch to Cubase and back to renoise the notes appeared onto the screen?

Also the sample preview function does not work when a sample is clicked in the disk browser. Playing notes with my keyboard to hear the sample also does not work?

When I use Renoise stand alone (not as slave), everything works fine.

Anyone who has got some ideas how to fix this?

Thanks in advance

Windows Vista (SP1).
NVIDEA GeForce 8600 GT
Processor: Q6600 (Quad core)
Audiophile 2496 sound card
Renoise 2.1

What happens with the notes editing part when you set the ReWire Slave preferences mode to “BPM& Bar Sync” mode? (This preferences panel only exists in Slave mode)

Try disabling the “disable audio in background” or something like this in Cubase - don’t know how its exactly called…

Hey taktik,

Diabeling the “Resealse driver when application is in background” solved the problem :) Maybe something for the manual?

Thanks :)

For the Cubase manual yes, for Renoise i’ll add it to the remarks in the compatability list.
Thanks for the feedback.