Renoise as VST

I have a friend that makes beats in fruityloops which we used to export track by track into Nuendo/Cubase to record vocals on top of. Well, I discovered that fruityloops now has an option to be used in Nuendo/Cubase/etc as a VST instrument with the ability to output tracks into seperate (or single) tracks in Cubase.

This is a wonderful feature and I was wondering how difficult it would be to build this feature into Renoise? All it really did was load the whole program as a VST. If Renoise had this feature then I wouldn’t need the real-time audio recording in Renoise itself (since, realistically other programs could probably handle it better).

What do you say guys?

I think this is too big a job compared to the gain. To record things in another application on top of Renoisemade parts you can always render to wav, import in the other program and record on top (in a separate track). Then chop it up and import the recorded data back into Renoise again. It’s crude, but it should work. Perhaps some more powerful rendering and wave importing options in Renoise could make this easier.

I guess Renoise can do this as well as Fruity in itself can be used as a VSTi although I haven’t tried it. What’s missing in Renoise is only the real time recording, or am I wrong? I.e. is it Cubase that interfaces directly to Fruity to retrieve the audio tracks or is this done by some virtual audio ports somehow?? I have no clue about this, but it would be interesting to know how it works…

Render block to next free instrument and/or render block to current sample slot… then use windows clipboard to copy/paste between you favorite sampleeditor… would help a lot ;)
You would also need ‘paste clipboard to next free instrument’

btw you should be abel to mark block over several patterns… but I guess that won’t be a problem if there would be something like [this](http:// this-link-is-no-more-valid?act=ST&f=6&t=1497&hl=19).

The GUI in Renoise uses DirectX, I believe (but do not know) that this can be a problem.

However, if a RNS-player library is developed sometime™, I guess at least a RNS player VST plugin could be created without too much effort. That would remove the need for exporting tracks from Renoise, but still wouldn’t let you edit the RNS song directly inside Cubase. However, running Renoise on the side and pressing a “reload” button in the RNS-player plugin in Cubase wouldn’t be too much trouble, would it?

I think Fruityloops gui uses directx as well… (as do other vsts dont they?)

but yeah i think a player like you suggest would be enough. A reload button wouldn’t be much trouble at all.

Nope. They most likely use the Win32 API.

btw: DirectDraw is NOT the same thing as DirectSound, and you can’t make GUI’s with sound…