Renoise At 1280 X 768 Resolution?

i’m thinking of getting a fujitsu P7010 notebook :rolleyes:

it has a 10.6 inch screen and it’s max resolution is 1280x768

anyone know if renoise will work full-screened on a screen like that?

I use a Fujitsu P5000 series notebook (P5010D) as my main machine right now, and I can tell you that Renoise runs fullscreen just fine at 1280x768 on it. Sure, sometimes I wish I had a few extra pixels (for the larger VSTs with ridiculous interfaces), but for the most part it is more than adequate for tracking.

Plus, the widescreen display is sooo nice for DVDs and stuff :D

On the subject of these… mine has a 1ghz Centrino M cpu, and I went for the 1gig of ram upgrade and the 7200rpm hdd upgrade, and I have to say it still surprises me how much this little thing can handle.

Sure, it’s quite easy to kill the cpu using a bunch of overkill VSTs such as Korg Legacy and G-Media impOSCar, etc…, but most of the time (with more average, ‘normal’ VSTs) this little cpu can handle quite a lot of work. It seems to perform much better than I expected it to. Maybe even better than my previous system, which was a 1.4ghz Athlon based desktop.

I can really recommend the Fujitisu notebooks. I have been using mine as my main system for over a year now, usually something like 15-18 hours every day, and it’s been extremely stable. I love it. I use it with an M-Audio Firewire Audiophile 24/96 4in/6out external soundcard. It’s a really nice setup.

Mine does seem to get very hot after a few hours though, so I would highly recommend you get some kind of cooler for it as well.

Something like this would be perfect:
(I plan to get one soon)

Or at the very least, something like this:…ler%20Pro%20Fan

Hope this helps :P

y0 dblue thanks for the information!!!

i hadn’t heard of fujitsu but all the reviews i’ve read have been good :ph34r:

cool that you have an maudio card, i’ve got a 2496 in my desktop B)

do you know if the P5000 has the same soundcard as the p7000 series (Realtek ALC203)? I know my latency won’t be perfect but i’m wondering if i’ll be able to get away w/ it.

right now i’m running renoise at a 33075 sample rate on my 300mhz ibm thinkpad and it’s tolerable :blink: :yeah:

too bad more lappys don’t have soundblaster live hardware so they could be compatible with the kx project drivers!

My P5010D has a Realtek AC’97 soundcard in it. It’s not a particularly amazing card, heh, but it did the job. The output from it doesn’t seem to be extremely noisy like other notebooks I’ve used, though there’s probably still the occasional bit of noise or feedback from other hardware in the machine. Using DirectSound @ 44.1khz 16bit I can get the latency down to around 35ms and still play some quite intensive songs (75-90% cpu) without any real skips or problems.

I also experimented with the ASIO4ALL drivers for a little while, and they usually worked ok, but they are still quite buggy and I managed to crash Renoise quite spectacularly sometimes, haha. I actually have some video footage captured during another bug/crash, perhaps I’ll post that later as it’s quite funny.

Anyway, I just got tired of connecting to my crappy old amp (and crappy old speakers) through the headphone out of the laptop, and I had been meaning to buy some proper speakers for a long time. So I finally got some Alesis M1 Active MkII monitors and I got the M-Audio at the same time as those.

huh, the latest version of ASIO4ALL is 2.2, i’ll have to give it a shot and see if i manage any amusing crashes <_< B)

a lot of people try and sell me on monitors and soundcards. for getting material off my minidisc i definitly notice a bunch of noise and crap using a sblive or notebook input … that’s why i bought the maudio card for my desktop.

but in situations where i’m rendering directly to files anyway, i don’t have a great need for fidelity. most of my music is pretty lowbitrate shit in the end. i run and mostly release on sites like 20kbps + floppyswop :ph34r: :lol:

i’ve got soe sony mdr’s for detail … and listen to my music on all my friends systems … any other solution would make my set up less portable, and that’s bad news :walkman:

btw dblue, atari2600 is a really nice ambient track (not just boring washes of sound, solid structure and changes)! motherf****ingevil was fun too, but drubclugs was a little too straight and serious for my taste :yeah:

Cool. Maybe you can suggest a few releases of yours from those sites that I should check out?

Thanks. There’s a lot of really random stuff in my archive there. Sometimes I do “serious” stuff, sometimes weird/glitchy/ambient, etc., and sometimes just plain stupid (the “joke” tracks, heh). I just wish I could find the inspiration to finish more tracks, instead of having hundreds of 30 second ideas. Ah well!

ps. here’s the video I was talking about: (encoded with DivX 5)…withrenoise.avi

That was while using the ASIO4ALL drivers on one of my tracks, which I guess just used a buggy VST or something, heh. Windows would respond very slightly inbetween all the nasty noises and shit, so you can see me frantically trying to switch between programs, or bring up task manager, or just do anything to get out of Renoise, haha.

lol thats one frustration movie and nice addon noise-fx sound :D

hehe… Renoise was just freaking out on me, generating these really horrible noises… like a low frequency pure square wave pulse or something… BbztTBZ—zbZBztbBT—Bbz-tZztb-TZB–ztb-btztb----ztbBt-ztb-zbt-ztb-… :P

I’m really happy it happened on my shitty, old speakers and not my nice, new ones… Who knows how much damage it was doing, heh. Scared the hell out of me the first time it happened, but after that it was just hilarious, and I thought “I’ve gotta record this!”.

video was pretty good, damn that laptop is hot … ordered mine from, must of been out of stock cuz it’s shipping 01/04 <_< :(

trax … yeah, “harp this chord bitch” was funny, if it had a little more change or glitch to it, would be a fine track indeed. i like short shit, sometimes that’s all that’s needed to get the joke or idea across … and no one gets board. mashups are cool as long as shit keeps happening


my own … gm-usa.mp3 is a track i did in renoise. :ph34r: chip-lektro?

if you dig chiptune shit, definitly hit up … it’s a 8 minute mp3 that random and i worked on together and i really love it :blink: :walkman: :yeah: pure LSDj!!!

haha… nice!

I don’t listen to a lot of this style, but I can definitely appreciate it. I love listening to it every now and then.

Maybe you’ll like another project that me and in_tense (another Renoise user on this forum, member of Chill Productions, etc.) worked together on, called Mars Wind.

All tracks created in Renoise, using nothing but QuadraSID for instruments (with some extra effects and stuff in Renoise), and doctalk.exe (crappy standard windows text2speech app) for lyrics. :P

Not really traditional chip music, but still pretty cool stuff. We took our “inspiration” for the music from 80’s tv shows like Miami Vice and Knightrider, old hair rock bands, 80’s pop music, old video games, and other fun stuff, hehe.

“She is a subwoofer” is the full album, and there’s a directory of some other random stuff too.

I’m especially proud of my recreation of the Miami Vice theme, which is one of the bonus tracks on the album, hehe. The C64 lead guitar synth shreds hard!! Gotta love those electro toms, too! :guitar: :drummer: :w00t: