Renoise At Namm 2010

Hello all,

I will be catching a flight to NAMM late tonight. I will be hanging out in the Indamixx booth over the weekend. We have an OEM partnership with them, and they invited us to come check out NAMM. Since I was the closest team member, I get to leave the Montreal snow to check out some California sun. I will bump this thread with my weekend escapades, as well as any Renoise coverage I can dig up. Come say hi? My flight leaves in 6 hours…

Here’s a link to start:

Linux at NAMM: Indamixx Shows its Wares, Plus Renoise

Good times!

I know Renoise is a small team but to think the closest member to California is from Canada seems a little strange.

Glad to see it getting some exposure. Good luck at the event. Most similar thing I’ve been to would be IBC in Amsterdam, but that’s solely broadcast stuff really…

Arrived in LA, slept, woke up, off to the show soon. Minor jet lag.

Hehehe, sounds like a killer weekend at your doorstep :D Enjoy sir! And may the Hex be with you!

Pretty cool that Renoise is represented at Namm.
Has that ever happened with a tracker ?

In Venice Beach, will try to post pictures later. Trying to get to “Wham Bam Thank You Namm” at the moment, enjoy my nerd face:

conner, great job with the interview! hope you enjoy yourself there - tell us about the cool things you see :)

Nice one :)

It can be very difficult trying to get other people to understand the concept of a tracker, so I admire that you stood up to the challenge. I’m curious if you’ve been getting a lot of interest from people there? Has there been anyone that seemed genuinely excited to learn about Renoise? How many are just staring at it with a look of total confusion on their face?

Anyway, good job!

Hi Dac,

Interesting video you posted there! Your “nerd face” (as you wrote) along with your enthusiasm, might actually help to market this product to the right kind of “nerds” out there. I don’t think it would sell any better if Renoise was presented by some Barbie doll. Great to hear that you also mention scripting and OSC – I know you’ve written in these forums about the “hype” factor, but maybe that’s a good thing. More people need to become aware of scripting and take the active step to enter that arena in order to learn and help to bring new stuff into existence.

However, maybe Renoise could be better marketed in general if the “tracker” part wasn’t mentioned that frequently, and instead it was primarily marketed as an “instrument” (I think you actually used that word too, in the video clip), or “new audio tool” or whatever might turn some heads around. Also, if the product could have a proper “box” to be sold in music stores, etc.

simply awesome, conner! B)
great job.

Thanks for keeping us updated, this is a main event (that I wasn’t aware of until recently)

I will post pictures when I get back to Montreal tomorrow, my flight leaves at 6:40 in the morning and I have to show up at the airport a few hours early because of increased security.

Reality check: Renoise has fans that aren’t forum regulars. For example, a guy from Teenage Engineering, based on Stockholm, came by the booth just to say he liked Renoise. I then went to check out their booth and must proclaim that they have the coolest new hardware at NAMM, the OP-1. (Check it out: ) I met k9d of hexawe net label under the same circumstances (Check me out holding their cool sticker: ). This hapened many times over. People who knew Renoise were going out the their way to visit and say hi. People who didn’t know Renoise, but were attracted to the visuals and asked “what is this?” were into it. Some people were like “Oh, a mod tracker… neat, I used to use that, not anymore” but only had nice things to say about Renoise.

The reality is working a trade show is very hard work, NAMM feels like 80% guitars, a lot famous people show up and endorse products so it’s kind of a spectacle, and I was there as a guest of Indamixx in their booth so the message was about Indmixx, with me kind of being “celebrity guest from Renoise” hanging out. A lot was learned from the experience, Ron and Tony from Indamixx worked like maniacs to get everything to happen, much respect and thanks goes out to them.

conner spreading the one and only good word !! world domination ftw !!! eh… well… pretty damn cool r’noise is represented via indaMixx. ;]

Yeah, the OP-1 seems interesting. BTW: One of my friends here in Stockholm is currently working on a pretty cool application, to be used in conjunction specifically with Renoise. He said that he’ll wait for the 2.6 release and then code some bridging stuff in Lua before he releases it to the public, but it’s very interesting to see that more and more people are turning to Renoise. Even more inspiring is that some heads are actually working in the background to provide us with new toys and tools in the future.

The 2.6 scripting implementation may be in the hype zone for some people, but the mere announcement of it has obviously generated interest and stimulated action among some coders on the planet!

The plane broke, we were stuck on the runway for 2 hours, now i’m in a waiting area while they work on the plane. My transfer point is in Minnesota and there’s no way we can make it. They say we will get hotels because the next flight to Montreal would be tomorrow. The worst part is that my flight strategy was to stay awake all night, to sleep on the plane. My gosh I’m haggered. Photos will have to wait.

Good times!

The best part is that your plane did not broke down while you were in the air.
(So the photo’s didn’t got lost, i meanted :P)

Haha, At this point I just want to get back to my girlfriend and fall asleep in her embrace.

Hang in there man, the Hex is with you! ;)

Nice presentation Conner, lot of enthusiasm. Fun to put a face on a Renoiser.

Hey Dac, that was a really good interview. Listening to it made me want to try out renoise, and I’ve already used it many times! =)