Renoise Band

I just thought of this (and i’m sure it’s been thought of before). A 3 piece renoise band!

anyone want to join?

reply if interested and we’ll work out band members, role, and put out an ep if it works. this is inspired by the fun i’ve been having working on a track with kaneel. social renoising is wonderful :D

in what genre?

Can I play the cowbell??

ill lay down some guitars if your interested, i can play pretty good and make lots of weird and wonderful noises :D

i was going to hold back from mentioning my preferences as to not deter anyone, but it’s probably better that i do. i’m a fan of a wide range of electronic, but specifically breakcore, abstract hip-hop, and anything melodically stimulating. i’m big on the music carrying a lot of emotion. that’s me, i wouldn’t mind some interesting differences!

if it’s tr-808

sounds good, though i’m more on the synthetic/quantized side rather than recording parts. i should have said that.

one big thing i didn’t mention would be fairly specific roles. such as:
member #1: drums/percussion [two-three channels] custom breaks and cleanly organized sound-sets
member #2: chords/movement [two-three channels] bass and a few custom instruments.
member #3: lead [one-two channels] a few custom leads

the sound scheme should be intentional, so rather than three separate artists working on an xrns, more identity is given to the entire project (“i recognize this track, this is thesamplenameproject!”) custom custom custom :D these are just ideas, if anyone likes this we’ll manufacture a method that supports our writing styles and personal interests.

when i say guitar i dont mean like recording a chord sequence or anything, i just find that as i know my guitar so well, its easy for me to make the noises i want in renoise by starting with a guitar sound, or sampling a few short clips of guitar and mashing them together, the results often arent actual playable guitar parts, they are just created through the medium of guitar ^.^

we have a member! :D

kaneels part of the band would be the front man MC/rapper :)

MC Bagette

what do you think kanee?

I’d love to join, but being in Australia doesn’t help ;) I can play the Eno ‘oblique strategies’ roll from afar if you like :)

I’d say vocals but I’m already dragging the chain with vocals on two other collabs with Alex and BeatS. However I’d like to collab with you Mushen sometime, as we know ;)

distance isn’t a problem, i was hoping the project would be entirely sample-based for easy trading of the xrns

In that case put my name down for producing/mixing/mastering. If I see a chance for real easy vox I’ll chuck some in.

excellent :D

That could be fixed with the GSnap VST, a high-threshold gate and a distortion ^_^