Renoise Beginners - Creating a simple percussive glitch instrument

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Awesome, thanks! Really would love to know your process of making this type of instrument, do you have any process video or recommendation?

I’m looking at the file you shared but have no idea how did you manage to make each time the key pressed, random sample played?

By assigning multiple sample to the whole keyboard zone, it’ll just play all of them at the same time…

Sorry if this is a very basic question as currently I’m still learning of how Renoise works :unsure:

Any help or pointer will be appreciated!

Glad you like the video bro !!

Well yeah go to the keyzones in the sampler tab and in the bottom right corner theres an option to tell the sampler to trigger a random sample each time you hit a note!!

Also check the other video.

Its a similar idea but with single waveforms!!!
Im uploading a nu series called Renoise production videos

In ep1 i started creating this types of instruments out of different source materials!!!

Check the video if you have time

Most of the times i use reaktor …but i have several tutorials on how to get that types of sounds using just renoise

Nice, thank you so much!

Will check out more of your video soon! :smiley:

I found this myself…no prob at all! lolz :walkman: :yeah:


Great channel my friend i am watching you.Please make more of them



wow nice that people still watch the old videos :slight_smile: