Renoise beginners - multiband compression in renoise a bad video :(

What’s so very wrong with using send channels? Wait, where was that percussion verb sidechain channel scroll scroll scroll… Using track colors might help with navigating, I’ve been to lazy to explore that, but it should help.

I know its a better Idea to use pro plugins for better sound and easier operation, but the multiband send stuff has another neat property…you placed a single compressor in each band…but you can place as many different plugins in there as you like…you can achieve very interesting and unusual results with these techniques.

And you can do more than 3 bands by chaining multiband sends, just let the upper band not be sent somewhere (send to invalid channel) and unmute it, then the following send can split that band further on. You can also use the multiband send as matched filters on the receiving channel of a normal send, and get as many bands as you like this way, you just have to enter the splitting frequencies with the keyboard as exact numbers, so the filters match, then unmute only the desired band.

You can also use visualisations inside the multiband. I make 2 extra send channels (and a third dummy send to mute the output, I place zero gain muting sends on each ana channel to mute its audio) in my template. The analysers are set to listen to those sends, and you could also place various analyser VSTs in there if you need scopes or meters. Then from the tracks I want to alanyse I put sends to those channels. This will also enable you to fix the spectrograph/spectrogam scale by simply putting a gainer into the analyser channels and adjusting it to taste. The next step is from within instrument FX, there I create a lowermost lane routed to a special channel in the mixer view, which itself sends to an analyser channel. Then send to that lane with a send device from your multiband setup.