Renoise Beginners: What do you need to know?

I’ve made two reasonably successful Renoise tutorials for beginners and have a lot of requaest for more - so I thought I’d come here to find out what else you need to know.

Setting up external insteumets?
Automating VSTs?

What do you need to know which isn’t made clear anywhere else?



Thanks for the links, will check out those videos later on today. : )

Perhaps more on:

  • composing tricks
  • creating new instruments
  • setting up keyzones
  • drawing chips
  • mastering
  • spectrum and phase readouts

I’ve watched them long time ago and it was mighty informative.Any tutorial would be welcomed I have nothing specific to ask.I see you have Andrew Huang coming to your podcast that’s great I will watch it for sure

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Great video, appreciate it!
Interesting cause I’ve never used the ‘mix’ window, or decimal, or editing with mouse.

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Awesome, glad to be of help. I had some fairly big producers contact me about them too which was amazing! I feel like nows the time to go further, thanks for the tips.

And yeah, I spoke to Mr Andrew Huang a few weeks ago!!! Very surreal, he was really laid back though. I’m always in two minds whether to give up with the podcast, but that’s certainly given me a bit more steam.


i just watched both of videos. Straight to the point. Thanks

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Awesome thanks, if you can think of anything else you need to know please post it here.

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