Renoise Benefits

I just bought a registered copy of Renoise for my Mac. Currently I am using Logic as my main tool to make music, but I am very interested in learning to use Renoise. I have previously used Buzz-tracker (almost 10 years ago).

My questions are: what are the Renoise benefits over Logic? What can I do with Renoise that I can’t do with Logic? Are there some steps in making a track that are better done with Renoise (like building “IDM” beats).

Thank you for your point of views :)

when logic will have pattern command…
anyway thoses tools are too different to compare, it s like comparing a Bugatti Veyron (logic) and a Suzuki Ayabuza gsxr (renoise) :D

Congrats on your purchase of Renoise, it’s a good purchase.

Many users use both Logic and Renoise in conjunction. One does not replace the other unless you have a reason for it to be the case.

Your question is far too generic. I suggest lurking around the forums, surfing the website (Wiki Tutorials and In:Depth) and looking for XRNS (Renoise music files) to study other people’s styles.

Have fun.

Renoise will speed up your whole process. It is much more direct and I think it sounds better (this could be debatable though).

I use a horizontal sequencer (Repear) for recording at work, and I use Renoise for actually making music at home.

I dont imagine that I could actually make music on something like Logic, since I have been using Renoise. I tried to on Reaper, but it was sooo frustrating.

So, get into it and you will be loving it.

hi. could you describe how you use logic? are you mostly a .wav / .aiff only guy? or a mixture of outboard gear, .wav/.aiff and vst/au instruments?

since theres so many ways to use logic, there’s a lot of ways to integrate renoise into your workflow.