Renoise Blender Connection

Maybe You could add little bit more flexibility to the user interface, like in Blender 3d. Slideable and selectable user interface elements. I made little animation to demonstrate this:

3619 blenoise2.gif

  1. That is amazing how you did that.

  2. I like this idea!!! Great idea.

node editor feature should be cool by the way. for more flexible audio routing.

With little gimp/blender/renoise/PrintScreen wizardry : - )

Awesome idea!!!

I know very little about coding, so just trying to learn here how to connect Blender animation and Renoise in realtime. I guess OSC, Pd (Pure Data) and BGE are ways to go. But already is possible to set same frame rate and BPM. For example on 32 lines long pattern and 32 frames long looping animation, use values 16 FPS and 240 BPM and 4 LPB. Then just play Blender and Renoise side by side, you just need to match playback start to animation. Here is again demo image:

3622 BlenoiseMan.gif
3623 untitled2.png

Download Blender 2.63, and here are files:

After some blender forum research, I found out that with “Pure-data communication between Blender and OSC” :
(You can translate this page to english)
File: “OSC PY3 Blender2.5 pd” is compatible with blender 2.63
and You can control Blender Game Engine through Pure data sliders.

3625 PdCtrlBlender.jpg
3627 Untitled.jpg

And after some Renoise forum research I found out tool “Osc Output” (this post is just from year 2010):

If you edit manifest.xml ApiVersion from 1.0 to 3, this tool will work with renoise 2.8.1
osc_from_renoise.pd contains simple Pd print note data to console code…


Image Osc Output:
3628 OscOut.jpg

Renoise sends note data into Pd console:
3629 PdReceiveConsoleInfo.jpg

I can send data to Pd from Renoise, and I can control Blender through Pd. But I just don’t get it how to control Blender coordinates in realtime from renoise. I just know it is somehow possible. So how in the heck I connect these Pd elements?:
3630 heck.jpg

You see one can be bit confused because not knowing much about scripting or coding.

So any ideas how to better connect Renoise and Blender???

Dreaming of one man DJ VJ band

This is pretty cool and that tool you linked to is very nice. Anyway, I think this is what you want to get started.

3631 blenderandrenoise.png

Alt-click on any object in PD will let you bring up the help for that object. You alt-click and select Open on the XY box to get that sub window to the left. Adding in those inlet objects will allow you to control the coordinates. The route object will try to match the first part of a message and then it sends the rest of that message out the first outlet. So the first route will just remove the /renoise/note part. The second one will split the first and second track. The unpack object unpacks the message, “s f f” means symbol(C-4 [note]), float(1 [instrument]), float(96 [volume]). In this setup the volume of track 1 controls Y and volume of track 2, X. The expr object is just because X/Y go from -15 to 15 and volume is 1-127.
As you will see, the problem is that only volume will be variable enough to be useful as PD can’t do anything with note name like C-4. Meaning it’s not really as great as it might seem.

So my advice is to edit that tool, which is really useful btw, to output midi values instead of note names. Also maybe send out delay and panning values, depending on what you want. Then just have it send the OSC messages directly to Blender on port 12000.
Because once you get up to a large number of tracks, PD becomes a tedious nightmare. :wacko:
3632 Purenightmare.png

Time to get back to this !!!

Anyone of You been experimenting with this topic? For example managed to send OSC messages directly to Blender?


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is going on in this thread

i use blender, i use renoise, and then theres this

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recent achievements . . .

Haha, that’s cool. This topic deserves a “Renoise Mashups” subforum of it’s own:-)

I don’t know about you, but Blenders UI actually confuses the hell out of me. I’m sure it’s just a question of actually knowing how it works, but I’ve had use for Blender on a few occasions, and most of the time I spent struggling with panels and whatnot :D/>

:blink:/> <\ :D/>

Here is some data to get You involved: :ph34r:

Get newest Blender:

Install Pd-extended:

/Download -> extract
/open HexCircle_RnsControl.blend in Blender and enter game mode by pressing P over 3Dview
/open OSC-PureData-Blender-xy_Renoise_01.pd in pure data extended and click “connect local host 12000” in graphical window
/open volume_to_blender.xrns in Renoise and enable OSC output tool
/and wow! You should be 3DVjing in real time, just try to hack these three programs on the fly… ;)

<<< Interesting news on blender3D google summer of code: >>>

4044 Scrshot.jpg

“for example to easily pause/stop all sounds and adjust volume levels of different categories.”

“Binaural audio: … different sound modifications (filters, reverb, etc.) which are spacially dependend on sound source and listener position.”

“Dynamic music: a music playback interface which can change the music based on some user-defined flags. For example: a game has some random background music while the player runs around and then he starts fighting against a bunch of enemies and the music gets more exciting. This interface should then use predefined loopable music samples and transition nicely between them changing the mood of the background music according to the action that is currently going on.”
-----> time for new nibbles :P


“Back- and front-ends (libogg, -vorbis, alsa, pulse, Windows and OSX backends)”

“Plugins (including plugin architecture)”


“Synthethic music: tools to create and edit music inside blender”
-Tracker interface inside blender, lol

“Speech recognition: can it be helpful to control blender, or used in the game engine?”
-awesome at gigs to control videoprojector/3D

I started similar thread at
Blender Renoise Vjing project - Team Projects - Blender Artists Community

Maybe we can tune blender interface to match tracker approach? to help musicians create 3D effects more easily :drummer:


<<< !BTW! , should we start somekind of new collaboration thred ??? >>>

goodbye resolume

Osc capable speech recognizing software with scripting + renoise with osc and lua scripting

This could have interesting implications…

Hooooooooooly shit this is freaking awesome!
To bad the best I could do in blender was making a chair…
…two years ago. :(


I forgot to ask, Is there many/any blenderheads/VJs on this forum ? . . . or people interested to code this easier for user. Maybe somekind of UI to connect ports and to choose what data to send between renoise <-> blender

I’m very interested in someone holding my baby hands and helping me. I do both audio and video but I also don’t code, at all.