Renoise Blog

So it took a while longer than I would’ve liked to (due to problems with the host) but now my Renoise blog is up! If you have ANY suggestions or questions please just email me at ! :)

Thanks to the Renoise IRC and Peter (from CDM) for all the support!

ps. yes I know there’s a bunch of live stuff in there. it’s a split blog with a friend. Live/Renoise. Him on Live, and I’m on Renoise. If you only want to see the renoise entries:

Cool and all, but you realize we have a community Renoise blog already eh? points at In-Depth


Great work Tode!!! doesn’t hurt to have more resources to read. Thumbs up from me and Borat

Right on Tode, keep it up!

Could be some effort afoot to get In:Depth up a going again in a serious way, so stay tuned…

Blogs on Renoise are great! The more the merrier! If we have a whole community sharing stories about their tips and tricks then that gets us back to the scene vibe of old.


thats what made #trax in the 90’s so good - people were spamming work all over the channel, getting input right there and then, and the weekly newsletters etc all helped to foster a stronger and more productive community.

That, and we had the benefit of being able to open an S3m and see what the hell they were doing…lol

Share .xrns anyone?

Thanks for the support guys! :D
Nice to see people are appreciating the effort and idea.

one thing: it’s missing a title! as in, the tags are empty. there is a setting somewhere to set the site title and you should use it :)

you might also want to link it from your sig?

Indeed I will! I must post more then ;)

Also anyone who feels like having an article on the blog is more than welcome. Etc.

some nice tips there,thanks for sharing,have bookmarked your website