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Hey guys,

I noticed that blog is quite dead, nothing new happening there recently. What about posting some insight into your new ideas? As you surely know there are several threads on the forum about renoise 3.0 and new features maybe you could share a bit of info on the blog and therefore make it a lot more interesting place? How do you think?

I’m partly at fault here. With my new job I just don’t have the time and energy to put into tutorial articles. This may change in the distant future, so I will notify those responsible if I am able.

I suppose there’s nothing stopping other knowledgeable community members stepping up to the plate and offering their own comprehensive articles - you can only make the offer if you think you’re able.

Hey, I didn’t mean to start a ‘who’s to blame’ topic ;) No need to feel sorry and/or apologize.

As to your suggestion for more experienced users to create&post materials on renoise - I don’t feel I’m the right person to teach others. From active creator I become more of a ‘news follower’ type of guy ;)

Some tutorials would be great, I’d love to see that. Be good if you can get a handful of regular contributors for a bit of variety.

I like this idea. Kindof like a community blog. Of course people might need a bit of editing, filtering, and correcting. But that’s nothing a moderator can’t do.

I’ll take the bait
For a while, I’ve wanted to write a sort of roundup of the scripted sequencer tools that are available to us. Each one comes with it’s own features and peculiarities, so I think it makes a lot of sense to offer a bit of overview

Gimme a couple of days… I need to make sure that all features are covered :slight_smile:


can’t wait!

Sweet. I’d love to see more people start doing this as well. :)

I am now officially a blog author:

10 Ways to Extend Renoise’s Internal Sequencer


Maybe a system where renoise users can post their ideas (e.g. musical or about a tool), technical or practical tips, presets, renoise intruments, native dsp chains, songs could be a good thing for Renoise. I believe that renoise manual is not enough informative even if it’s necessary to read it, and the forum can be a source of distraction even if you can dig nugget from it. Something in the middle could be the top. Moreover, not everyone might feel, or actually is, capable of contributing with content of quality like it’s already there on the blog.

You could post your contribution with sound examples (or a video) or not, explanations or not. If the reader likes it, he can download the content and do a “+1” (for the filtering part). It could contains info like the basic and classic combo LFO + Filter to more advanced dsp chains like Bit_Arts ones, in order to discover the potential of renoise or just to get a refreshing flow of creative ideas. There could be categories like those I expressed in my first sentence (or other type of sorting). Let’s gather the knowledge! :D