Renoise Cannot Find My Vst-plugins


i made a folder with my plugins in there and specified that folder as vst-folder in the config menu under misc. but even when i click on “browse” or “rescan” renoise can’t find the plugins.
i don’t know what i have to do. maybe anyone knows about a bug or can tell me what my mistake is.


The plugins should be available in Renoise.

Are you shure:

  • The Path is ok? (shortcut’s and so on)
  • Are the plugins installed properly? (*.dll files in the dir)

the path is like: “d:plugins” and
this is what i give renoise as path as well.

the various plugins are like “d:pluginsvst_pluginvst.dll”.

that should be right…?
what shortcuts?

ok, i think i found the solution.
i looked for the plugins in the effects tab,
but in fact i only have vst-instruments…

thats it…=)

The path seems to be ok indeed.

The only test you can do is to install a VST that works fine with other people, like me.

Let’s take Freeverbtoo. A great Viberb plugin, and it’s free.
get it here:

or the direct download link:

If renoise finds VST plugins it will say so in the bottem of the screen.

Ok but as a side-note, I know that there are VST plugins out there that indeed aren’t detected by Renoise. Don’t know why though…