Renoise can't "see" my Reaper plugins

Hi folks

I have Renoise 2.81 and Reaper 4.402, both 64-bit versions, on my Windows 7 Lenovo Thinkpad T520 i7.

I can’t get Renoise to incorporate Reaper’s plugins in its VST list. I’ve gone into the Plug/Misc section of Renoise’s Preferences (CTRL+,) and browsed to the Reaper\Plugins\FX folder (having this as the second plugins folder location). I’ve rescanned previously failed plugins, reloaded, but just can’t get Renoise to see the lovely plugins sitting there. It loads all my other ones OK. I’ve even tried cloning Reaper’s plugins folder and plonking it into my main VSTs one.

Reaper’s plugins each have a .dll file, so it must be possible to use these within Renoise. I have seen a couple of users on here have success with the dedicated ReaPlugs VST FX Suite, but surely the full paid install of Reaper would incorporate this functionality?

I appreciate this question covers a secondary piece of music software, but seeing as my host is Renoise, I thought this forum would be the most appropriate place to ask.

Many thanks!

I don’t believe they can be used outside of Reaper. There are even other plugins which you can but Reaper only licences, such as Stillwell Audio, or free use VST versions.

Just because it’s a .DLL file doesn’t automatically mean that it’s a fully compatible VST plugin that will work in other hosts. I’m sure they have their own proprietary format specially designed for Reaper.

The fact that they offer some of the other ReaPlug plugins in VST format as a separate download also reinforces the fact that their native versions are technically different on some level.

Reaper user here. Exactly right; those are not VSTs but you can get VST versions of some of them on their site.

Ah, cool - thanks, folks. Never knew that about .dll files - am fairly new to the world of music-making on a PC!

Will download the ReaPlugs suite, although some of the choicest VSTs are missing from there.

Many thanks!