Renoise Challenge #2


Sounds like fun, I’ll help breathe some life into this.

Human League - Don’t You Want Me (Binärpilot Penguin Mix)

It’s not a carbon copy of the original (to say the least), but I had a lot of fun. Thanks for the challenge!

Direct link

thanks :)

hmm … it looks like I’ve got to finish this Personal Jesus cover … :D

Indeed, and I have to scare the neighbours by screaming at my microphone while recording the scooter cover.

In my vision, I saw an extension of this post,

“You will win $100M if you don’t send any entries.”

my Madonna - Frozen refix is nearing completion!

Today I recorded another cover, The Freaks with Freddie Wadling / Cortex. Not extremely close to the original. I made it within 3 hours, and no retakes on the vocals ;) I have only listened to it in headphones so it may sound like crap, but I can not verify that until tomorrow cause it is in middle of the night here now… ;)

Where did this competition go? I’d still like to join