Renoise Challenge #2

So considering how well the first Renoise Challenge went (srsly? I dun believe u), I’ve decided to have …


Past Renoise Challenges
Post a link to songs here (in this thread… please don’t PM me), in MP3, OGG, or FLAC format… if you need hosting (please don’t chose a lame host like megafilehost or rapidshare), check out the “song hosting that doesn’t suck” thread that’s pinned in the song forum.

…that “pop” is simply short for popular. I don’t expect a bunch of britney spears and backstreet boys covers. If you want a GOOD idea of what I expect, check out these lists:
Billboard music’s top 100 artists of all time
Billboard music’s top 100 songs of all time <— if this list doesn’t inspire you, then nothing will.

Count me in. :)

Awesome awesome idea!! I hope I have enough free time on my hands to submit something. This challange is too cool to pass by!

Can it be a ‘local’ pop-hit? Or preferably an international smash-hit chart-topping buttcream track?

Well preferably an international smash hit… I’d like to be able to recognize it on first listen :P

Updated the rules… check out #4

Excellent idea for a challenge, even if tracne isn’t allowed

About the vocals issue:

<@BYTE-Smasher> well keep in mind
<@BYTE-Smasher> there are alot of pop songs that have chanting
<@BYTE-Smasher> where you don’t need to keep a note
<@BYTE-Smasher> “I get knocked down, but I get up again…”
<@BYTE-Smasher> etc

mmm interesting, should be fun to try

IT WILL INDEED BE FUN, SLAVE! cracks the whip

so uh pop music or classics ?
popular music
I don’t care if it’s elvis or flo rida
fiddy cen or madonna
eric clapton or devo
aqua or the man in black
tool… slipknot… aphex twin… it’s all pop
(yes aphex… if you chose one of the big singles)
you could even do chocolate rain for all I care
a song other people would know
pretty much
the point however, is to try to rip it off 1 for 1
well there’s the challenge

I do this kind of practices quiet often ;) It is good for learning how other artists do when they record songs. I have for example made these two cover versions, where I try to imitate the original as close as I can

A cover of The Sisters Of Mercy’s song Alice
A cover of VNV Nations’s song Kingdom

The Sisters Of Mercy cover was recorded together with a friend. It is me singing, I also programmed the drums and my friend was playing guitar and bass on this track.

The VNV Nation song is a cover of the original version of their song Kingdom, I have not added any song to it though and it is not quiet finished. The song is made in Renoise with some extra VSTi:s, no real guitar or bass on this one.

Enjoy :)

Just finished listening to Alice… damn that was close to the original :o

Listening to the VNV Nation one… pretty damned close as well, though this one’s not as polished sounding as the original… the synths just don’t sound as warm :P

And amazingly, I know both tracks well, and have listened to them many times over the years ;)

Shit… is Tom Waits considered popular…?
If not, I’m gonna go for Muddy Water’s Hootchie Cootchie Man.

Count me in! Is there a deadline?

Deadline = Whenever I get most of the tracks in? :P

It’s a challenge, not a competition, so there really is no deadline… but if you really need one, we’ll say a month from the date of initial posting… so May 22nd? Worst case scenario, you might miss me making a compilation zip file :P

VNV Nation uses a Virus B in their version, I have one myself but I decided that I would try to just use VSTi:s when I made my version, and it was actually pretty hard to even get this close to the original sound, I sat several hours tweaking thous sounds :) but I totally agree with you, the original sounds slightly warmer ;) it took me about 3 evenings to make this cover where most of the time was spent tweaking synth sounds. :)

The Sisters of Mercy cover was all recorded and mixed within one day. The vocals are actually the first and second takes mixed together in a chorus effect, no retakes at all on the vocals iow, that is way I sing the wrong lyrics in some places ;)

anyways… glad that you think my versions was pretty near the original versions, that mean that I’ve succeed in my task :)

With the VNV track, I think it might just be some post-processing is needed on the synths… I seem to remember the track having a bit more air on the synths… they may have used some expensive reverb :P

Either way, yah… the fact that you did the SOM so rapidly doesn’t shock me… I’ve actually always thought they probably recorded their tracks pretty quickly myself… though who knows

Good job on both though =D

When I was a teen I tracked a cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit. It had all sorts of dickery like rhythm guitar replaced by accordion and it featured a tuba solo. The thing sounded retarded and I wish I had it still with me.

funny, i was contemplating trying to remake a song this morning… this pushed me over the edge :)

working on one now

OMG!!! I feel this will be fun. AND YOUR WHIP IS INVULNERABLE FOR ME!!!