Renoise Chat on Matrix


Today I happened to search Renoise on Matrix and found that there are some chat rooms about it.
Official chat seems to be on espernet #renoise though.

I am a oldschool IRC fan, but it is not easy enough for majority of modern users. Also closed silos like Discord should be avoided. Thanks for not using it. Matrix is the spiritual successor for IRC and it would be a great place to migrate Renoise chat into.

My suggestion is:

  1. Add link to Matrix space to the official Chat page on
  2. Add bridge between main Renoise room on Matrix and the existing IRC channel.

This way anyone who wants to keep using IRC can do so without interruption. Those who wish to join via Matrix can do it. I’m willing to give admin rights to anyone who can prove that they are Renoise staff. I can
also handle the IRC bridging with bridge provided by Finnish hackerspaces association.

Invite link to the Renoise space containing all rooms is:


“To start chatting on Matrix you’ll need to sign up for a user account.”

I don’t think I’m in.

Note that Matrix is federated, though. That is, you don’t need to sign up on the server of you don’t like them for any reason, but you can sign up on any server you want. You can even run your own. It’s just like email in that regard.

I know IRC doesn’t require an user account which is kind of nice in some situations. But at the same time when you close the client, you cease to exist in IRC and won’t be able to se any discussion when you are offline.

User account is requires on any modern chat platform. On some servers you can also use SSO providers such as github, gitlab, google or facebook to sign in.

As @fladd mentioned, you can use any server or run your own. There is a list of public servers at

And you can of course also join the discussion as guest only without signing up.

Sounds like my chat history is now also gonna be part of determining what ads I see.

Yeah. The service should have been provided without harvesting my e-mail.

I can sign in with Facebook instead? That’s even BETTER!

Uh, what? Do you even understand what Matrix is? There are no ads or data mining involved. Those would be impossible in decentralized open source network.

Please do your research or ask questions before dismissing suggestions. We’re trying to keep using open standards and stay away from closed products. Just like with IRC.

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That’s a false statement. Decentralization doesn’t have anything to do with privacy in that regard. As little as encryption on the lower level of protocols would have.

If your user name has been tied to your identity just once, you’re fucked. The lack of anonymity makes it a dealbreaker for me.

The Renoise discord channel is way more comfortable IMHO, and has a lot more visitors. But why are you not simply joining #renoise on espernet?

I think there has been a misunderstanding joule. Matrix is not a company offering a service (like Facebook or Discord), but an open standard protocol for decentralized communication (similar to email, but for real-time communication). In fact, it is the counter idea of Facebook and co, where all your communication is put into closed silos. There is of course also no need to tie a Facebook or any other commercial ad-related account to it. You can be as anonymous as you want there. I do see some merit in somehow tying some online identities together (e.g. I find it nice if people here know who I am on Matrix, so they know that they are speaking to the same “fladd”), but how you handle that is of course entirely up to you, and Matrix respects that.

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I didn’t know that there is a Discord channel. It’s not mentioned in the official chat page so I wasn’t aware. That one could also be bridged with Matrix (and IRC), but it requires authorization from guild admin. Anyone here?

Current situation seems to be that the Renoise chat has been divided into three different places. I’d like to see them merged all into one.

AFAIK jarski already bridged #renoise into discord.

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With decentralized network there is no single place where you can mine data or read (even non-encrypted) messaging in large scale. That is in contrast with centralized networks where everything goes into one large database. This is why large scale data mining is not possible on Matrix.

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Ah no, I think the bridge was removed due privacy reasons.

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A lill OT and I could google, but there used to be a tool that let you IRC chat through a Renoise tool, does it still work?

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Is guild admin in that discord server in this forum? I can help with bridge setup assuming it’s wanted.

this is a good thing.


Looks like this is not progressing anywhere. Summary of tasks to do:

  • Add link to Matrix space to page (needs to be done by staff).
  • Bridge IRC channel (I can do it, but only with permission from ops/staff)
  • Bridge Discord channel (needs action from Discord admin)

Having three separate chat platforms is not desired when they can be bridged together. I’d appreciate some opinion from Renoise staff about this.

Was this a 7-day join link? I tried it and it has expired. Discord has another permanent link option if you want to try it.