Renoise Christmas Greetings

i just wanted to show the community that we got SNOW in Norway!

And also give everybody on the forum a Christmas Greeting!
i wish you all snow and merry times! :P

anyone else got some?

God Jul!

ptrance on 23th November 2007: I WISH ALL OF YOU A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2010!

… the renoiselogo looks cool tho’.

We had a bit the other day… in the midlands of england!

But i didnt think to put a renoise placard out :(

we haven’t gotten a good snow here in North Carolina in 3 years :( f****ing global warming :(

look around you, just look around you… there might be a small patch of snow
somewhere… hidden in a hole, or under a rock. Just look around you :)

It’s snowing here right now, and I had to bike to class in it. My state (Michigan) has the weirdest weather patterns.

Gah, just looked outside, and whatnot… Snow! I’m in the mood for warmer climate and christmas is stress for me right now!

But whatev, I’ll be in the mood as soon as I sink my teeth in the delicious, dried sheeps meat known as PINNEKJØTT like I do every year. :D

I will visit Norway (Trysil) soon for some snowboardin ;) Make sure the kicker with Renoise logo stays there ;)