as the topic already points it out, experience some downtime tomorrow. We have an issue with the harddisk on our lovely server. We hope to be back online as soon as possible with a replacement hd, hopefully with all data transfered successuflly.

Sorry for the troubles!

my god, the forum down for entire two hours ? shit, what will I do ? :(

make music ;)

music ? why do you think I can make music ? :blink:

remember your sig m8 :D

btw nice music (my fav is polish)

I feel you, m8.

Guess I’ll have to do some WORK then, gah… THIS SUXXORZ!!!

yeah, polish is one of my favs too. kind of like the essence of that kind of music for me, intelligent sampling and all. the string are a completely different bpm but fit amazingly, the beats are tricky, I played the piano myself … oh yeah.

but this is becoming increasingly off-topic. better stop.

i am too old for this… back online. let me know if you notice something not working as expected.


my admin rights are gone :unsure:

o yeah,

your root account. sorry, i forgt :D

breathes again

I can surf again in and this forum, great.

But i notice the site much slower compared to how it was before the downtime.

any strange changes around there? server is being hammered?

the server is not really balanced yet.

basically it is the same hardware with a new os setup (debian). Same apache version, same scripts, same DB etc.

I need to nice some cronjobs and other serivces though, those might be interfering with the webservers processes and thus performance. Anyway, right now it does behave exactly the same as before if you ask me.

did someone expereince such drastic slowdown too? i am not talking about nuances.

nah, it´s not that bad in speed terms, it´s slower… but i can wait 4-5 secs more. I´m a patient guy


must be your connection / isp routing then. my fancy speed-o-meter (fasterfox plugin) rarely shows more than 0.8 sec to fetch and render a whole page.

Hurray its back online :) And for me it seams quicker :)

yes. It’s much quicker than before the hardware issues…

I find it normally has the same speed, but did not experience any slowdown until now, while before I experienced it from time to time

Next time, let them install a Raid 5 configuration, you don’t need them to down the server just to swap a defective harddrive.

its all about costs. i would rather like a xeon quad setup with lvd raid5 scuzzy setup… but it is always about money.

anyway, we plan to change the isp to get better hardware and traffic prices in the future. Then come raid.