we have just finished moving to a new server. if you experience any problems with the website, plaese let us know.

dont forget to flush your cookies (regarding / board) and cache.

speaking of cookies… there might still be a problem with the board cookies, so your login might be forgot, even if you checked that persistant login option. i will take care of it this evening.

this issue will be fixed this evening. the board might still have wrong cookie settings.


the cookies problem regarding the board should be fixed now. please delete your old cookies (remember, the has been moved to antother faster server).

from now on, you should not experience any security warnings (that red eye in your internet explorer i.e.) when using the forum.

let me know if you still have some problems (please check twice if you removed old cookies and dont disabled those at all)

fixed. thanks for the bugreport!

Didn’t want to make a new topic, so maybe this isn’t the best place for it.

I noticed the news page is nowadays more a Renoise release history than a news page. How come?

Because we had too many releases in the past :)


Well you could have announced on the news page that you moved servers and that there could be some problems with the message boards cause I couldn’t reach it in the afternoon.

sorry for that :confused: if everything had went well, you would not even notice the server move, unfortunately we had various problems with the nameserver updates. anyway, the issues are solved now and everything is back to normal.

i think problems are not so good themes for the news section but i recommend the dev-team to publish screenshots of upcoming releases not only in the forum. e.g. screenshots of v1.3 or planned features could be a good promotion to win new users … i know with this announcement the questions to the team (e.g. for release-dates) will be increased … but in comparison with the promotion effect.??? … a non-forum user maybe think about the Renoise-development that nothing happend month for month!? (think about more dynamics on the Renoise website, Developers!)

when I try to update my user options or send an email in user area, I get a :
Fatal error: Cannot redeclare displaytemplate() (previously declared in /opt/www/hosts/ in /opt/www/hosts/ on line 3

will be fixed tomorrow. sorry for that. i had to encounter mr. murphy once again :confused:

the screenshots for 1.3 are inaccessible. i haven’t seen them yet :(