Renoise Commercial Version Ideas

here are a couple thoughts:

DDspeed said: “Who wants to put a program on CD that is only 4 megs”

well, that’s the difference between FruityLoops, Reason and Renoise.

Reason comes PACKED with extras. Samples (well refills) , Pluggins and sounds, so the user can get started right away. A Renoise user has to download samples, instruments and VSTi.
FruityLoop package is also PACKED with goodies like samples, XIs, templates for creating songs and effects pluggins.

But here’s the difference. I think Reason is like $250 and FruityLoops (FL) is what $35 and 100 for pro-box-edition. Most people just own the $35 version.

Maybe after Renoise 1.5, then release a box edition. Here’s how:

  1. Pack 2 or 3 CDs full of extras like FREE VSTi (no demos!)
  2. Pack on some Instruments, Demo Songs, and templates (like FL has club/dance,808…ect)
  3. Get a software distrubuter (like them fools did with image-line) to distribute the CD in computer stores.
  4. Sell that version for $99.
  5. IMPORTANT: make sure that the trial demo of Renoise is distributed with every soundblaster card. That way when people just get a new sound blaster they got a program to make music with and they will be more likely to get into tracking.

it’s an idea… I don’t know if I like the idea since I like the underground feel of trackers. But who knows? I wonder what other users think. :D

sorry extacado … you should first think about and imagine a totally stable version of renoise with a simple manual that suits the needs of beginners and professionals … after this i like it really to see a nice software-box on my desk B)

a distribution as gimmick on hardware sounds like unimportant low cost stuff and kills a little bit the serious impression of a software - my opinion to your point 5

The 35$ version of FLS can only bve used as a drum-machine ;)

And the full pro version actually costs 149$.

About your idea: I like it, although I wouldn’t buy it, since I ahve a collection of 500 free VSTs, 1 gig of samples and soundfonts, so I’ve got enough of those :).

But I also would like the box… so my suggestion: Provide the registered users (the ones who care about it) with a box. The devs can send it by mail, then everyone can glue it and put on the desk, so everyone would be happy :D

Just brainstorming ideas.

actually I’m not sure I would see the point of making Renoise “Commerical”, other than the developers getting a lot of money. (and I support the developers getting paid. I registered)

but here’s what people say:

  1. “Make Renoise commerical so that a tracker will be more famous and show that Renoise can compete with and be used to make better music than Cubase, Logic and Reason”

I say ‘who cares.’ Renoise is a powerful music creation package that can (of course) create commerical quality music. BUt the program is only as power as the person using it. So if someone argues that they use queerbase or whatever and it’s the best, f_k them, just make your own music and make it good. :D

  1. “Make it like the old scene with Fast Tracker”

I agree with that. but things have changed in 10 years. People don’t distribute XM files very much anymore. There ARE new programs out there like Reason and FruityLoops for which even old sceners use those programs. Do you think ‘Purple Motion’ of future crew still uses Scream Tracker 3? What do you think he uses?
Things changed so much, its not about demos anymore. The internet sprung up (which as changed alot!)

  1. “I want a box”

o.k… if anyone wants, I can design a box and the renoise developers can sell if for 6 euros. :)

  1. “Get the Renoise name out there.”

I’ve seen polls. More people use ModPlug Tracker and Skale then Renoise. but that’s not a slam on Renoise, it’s just that not enough people know about it, or what it can do. I would hope that Renoise has more support than Psycle and buzz :) Renoise deserves that.
Second thing is the Renoise name. It sounds too much like REason!!! Like another propellorheads product (REbirth, REfill, REason, remaker, REtardo). I’m going to start calling it NoiseTrekker 3 again :)

True. Speaking of that… “Noise” is a negative word, isn’t it? It’s like if the developers want to scare away people :) Maybe the word “Re” means something - what? In dictonary it’s like “with attention to” … With attention to Noise ?

The predecessor of Renoise was called “NoiseTrekker”. Renoise brings NoiseTrekker to life again.


REmade NOISEtrekker = RENOISE!!!

Personally I love the name. It’s simple, melodic and catchy IMO.

Renoise… Doesn’t it sound great? :)

Ah… That makes more sense. But then again, the name itself may be misleading. Everyone that sees the name need that splendid explanation by DDspeed :)

I understood it when I first realised the past developers worked on NoiseTrekker!

Maybe more emphasis should be put on the “N”.


if you ask me, going that commercial with renoise might be right now a bad idea. just imagine the huge amount of support you need to offer. remember : renoise is made in our free time and money is not the main motivation behind it. what we want is simply a great tracker which fits your and our own needs.

in some future renoise could grow into a rockstable mature software with an extensive manual. that time we will need to decide if making such step and founding a small company to hire some ppl for support / marketing / getting us fresh beer would be necessary or not.

one is for sure, if you are going commercial, you have extra costs. renoise would not be that cheap anymore.

Guys! read that qoute a couple of times… Pulsar is soo right!
once you go commercial, start a company, another factor comes into play…
Namely: expenses… a company ‘costs’ a certain amount to keep alive and if there’s not enough income but too much ‘outcome’ you eventually die…
another thing… if you earn too much money on something you have to pay, in most countries atleast :huh: , taxes… Im sure the devs are shrewd enough to stay under those limits today… In my belief, whatever they make selling Renoise, just barely cover running-costs (as web-site space etc.) and what’s left is nothing more than mere pocket-money… though, I hope Im utterly wrong since they surely deserve a profit…

Yes! Devs, please, don’t start a company to make money with Renoise, please keep it low budget and unknown to the public. You know, it’s risky, the costs are terrible, you have to pay taxes and stuff - better get some database administrator jobs so that you have plenty of spare time to develop Renoise. And remember - no girlfriends!


… Jesus, people - if you don’t want to see Renoise die like FastTracker, it will have to at some point become a serious commercial product and the devs will have to make a living of it. I do hope it will happen.


hmm… I sense some irony in the air… :rolleyes: (cheap shot)
I totally agree with the last part of your post, though, but Not too soon… get a solid user-base first… then… (what?) …
have you ever tried to break a ‘new’ product into an over-saturated market?

Does somebody still remember my idea with the box? :)

Let somebody make a box for Renoise available for downloading, gluing and printing so anyone has something to dit on the desk.

What do you think about it?

Well, we are four persons working on an official VST/VSTi pack for Renoise right now. The next step is to include some modules that uses these VSTs. Except for practical things like web traffic etc I see no reason why the same thing couldn’t be done with instruments and samples. Someone just have to do it :)

Oooh, I like that… :) Also, I like the box-thingey, I’m a huge LEGO-fan… ;) Cut’n’paste, wohoo!


feel free to start such a project, we are very happy if the community can organize such stuff. once the content is gathered and prooved to be public domain (licencing issues, copyrights) we can meet somewhere and discuss how to distribute it.

This is a good idea for the next beat battle, that the song has to use one or more of those vsti´s…

RE: Guest_Cquencer , Johan on making a Renoise CD pack?

Hell Yeah!!! :D

That is kind of the idea that keeps this community alive and growing. I’d be happy to contribute a few MODs (hahaha… I mean ‘RNS’)

I think if Renoise had to go big, pro and expensive, its chance to conquer new musicians that aren’t familiar with trackers already would be close to zero. Even with proper marketing.


Equiped with the planned PianoRoll (which would be the default view the first time you launch the program), it could stand its chance. Because then people unfamiliar with tracker editing will be able to look at Renoise for more than 5 seconds without backing off saying “eww that stuff is for programmers”, and they’ll be able to experience it for the other goods it has to offer.

That is of course, if the team ever wants to go “pro” one day. My point is just that it will be much easier once Renoise will look less like an UFO for people that are strangers to tracking. :)

Please note that I did NOT want to launch another endless thread of debates about the pianoroll :)