Renoise Community Song Collab V6

Make another update if you’re inspired!

Here is a V4. Wasn’t so sure about beginning, so “newly started” at pattern #09 (“intro”), since it was the most inspiring part for me… Balanced mix a bit, fixed harmonics a bit, made it groovy a bit and so on (not that it wasn’t before :slight_smile: ). Maybe start at “intro”?

Renoise Song Collab 2019 V4.xrns (950.0 KB)

TBH I wouldn’t know where to make any change(s) as I don’t understand the sound anyway (mixing heavy off beat percussion/experiment triggering sound(s)). I’ve just about worked out the notes in a C major chord :slight_smile:

Nice work.

Yeah I say start from the intro. In fact with all that’s added, I’m going to lay down a structure and then we can go form there and finish this thing.

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This is really cool :slight_smile:

Is anyone on the V6 yet ? @LegendaryTaunt ?

This is a really good project.
I’m studying the coolest sound creation by looking at the contents of the file :sunglasses:

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~ great tune, i love the idea.
let’s create a github page with some genre-specific projects for example…
awesome, this idea motivated me a lot. - and can help us understand how people approach to songwriting…
just awesome!

can you guys share % of cpu used on your machine? that would be ultra useful to me, since i believe i can optimize my machine :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t think so. @Riz. Go for it!!

This is going really well,well done people!!

I think creating a github is the next step. I’ll get on that and possibly add all of the projects so far to it.

Once that’s done I’ll share it for all those to check out.

Yeah one of the goals of this thread is to not only make a song together, but to share knowledge and learn how others write music. I’ve learned a heap from this thread too which is making me better at not only writing music but using Renoise.

As for CPU and machine specs, I really think it’s moot imo.

If you must know… for me these are my specs on my machine.


OK working on V6 tonight , maybe it will take one or two days before uploading. If someone already on it , no problem just let me know.

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Thank you for your kind words, i’ was interested in “%” percentage of your machine while playing this project?
Thanks again, this was a brilliant idea!

What utc is tonight in your time zone? :cowboy_hat_face:


Yeah mine is 33% or so.

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Im UTC+2 ( french omelette du fromage ) . I will work on it in two hours. ( 21H00 ) . If I’m satisfied i will post it during this night , but I think 48 hours may be necessary

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This song is starting to pick up steam. This is great. Kudos to all involved.

I’ve been playing the song back. It’s time to get some direction in arrangement and take all the ideas here and work them into one consistent theme. I have something in mind.

@Riz is tackling V6 of the project. I’m going to add a queue section to the original thread so we can see who is yet to work on what.

I’m also going to add a google docs sheet that others can put their names in and what version they will be working on.

Once the thread has been incremented to a new version, it will be the person who is working next’s job to take the project file and run with it.

Before too long this will all be done and if we are all up for it, we can all collaborate on another song.

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I find this idea pretty good and we should repeat it. :blush:

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Sorry for the wait dudes but as the song is getting more complex I was a bit lost with the FX sends , EQing ,etc … Hope i did not fucked up Send and fx triggering of your parts . If so I’m sorry.
I tried many things but most of my ideas were not satisfying. (one of my wish was to add a classic electro beat to break the 4/4 kick but was not fitting)

So … Here is the V6.

added track “miami bass”
added track "techno loop and cymbals)
added tinstruments ‘added hy Riz V6’
added automation doofer for instrument 06 for the ukulele solo part
added variations on several patterns (mainly hit hat)
added patterns 29 to 37.

Renoise Song Collab 2019 V6.xrns (3.0 MB)

I would like to filter some parts to add some intensity but lack of time.

Nice one @Riz.

Ok. I got V7. I’m going to take the elements and Ideas here and sort out an arrangement. I’ll pick which ones work the best and try to retain all of our input in this track. I’ll add some more elements if it needs it and we can call this one done. :slight_smile:

OOps ! my fault, i’ve deleted unused instruments so the “added by” are gone. I must have made a mistake when re-writing the samples list. Sorry :flushed: Maybe @LegendaryTaunt could move the R-808 samples in the good section for V7.