Renoise Community Song Collab V6

So how about we all collab on a Renoise song?

I’ve started this sketch and I would love for the community to build upon it until we have a completed tune.

Let’s try to set some constants though.

  • For this song, the bpm is 130 and LBP set to 4. Let’s try to work within those constraints this time and if things go smoothly then maybe someone can switch gears and do something different.

  • In the song comments, note what you did as the top most comment but keep the previous comments so we can “track” who did what.

  • If you add/create any samples, make a header for yourself in the instrument section and list your name and throw your samples in there.

  • Try not to delete anyone else’s work, but do put your own spin on things.

  • Try add something as fast as you can and re-upload so that the next person can join in.

  • Don’t use any external vst’s/instruments when you save and submit. This is to maintain consistently when another person grabs the project. if you have to use external vst’s or instruments, just render what you’ve added and then add it to a channel, then delete the instruments. Now we won’t have to worry about not having plugin X or Instrument Y to play the song.

This is a beta and if all goes well someone can start Round 2 with a new song and we can all contribute to it.

Please add something as fast as you can and then re-upload. If it gets to a point to where you think you have an arrangement idea, then do it!

Also, when you reply, please note what you did in this this thread just to give the next person a heads up.


LATEST Project File!!!

Renoise Song Collab 2019 V6

We are starting to gain traction so now it’s time to add a queue section. This will be updated. A Google Doc that people can use to put their names in the queue will be added shortly.


V7 —> @EatMe

Change Log:

Renoise Song Collab V6 @Riz


Renoise Song Collab V5 @EatMe


Renoise Song Collab V4 @ffx


Renoise Song Collab V3 - @lilith


Renoise Song Collab V2 - @Riz


Renoise Song Collab V1 Initial:

  • adds chord melody
  • adds bass (can be changed)
  • adds muted lead sound
  • adds hi hat sound (can be removed or changed. It’s just a placeholder)

Here is the project file:

Let’s do this!


Cool idea, will check it on the weekend.

I love exquisite corpse !
Is someone already on the V2 of the song ?

I would say V1 is just the project as a hole. If this get finished, someone can start a V2 collab.

But I think @lilith may take a stab at it this weekend. Come up with a version before hand or wait until he’s/she’s done and go next.

All right i’ll wait until next week.
Maybe you’ll have to make a google sheets or something if many users joins the party :slight_smile:

edit or updating a status (ie: user lilith currently working on V2 | waiting for new user for V5, … ) on the first post

Cool. I’ll get a google sheet or something so we can track who is working on it.

Will also set up a limit. Say, if a person hasn’t uploaded in a week then we moved on to the next person in the list.

Good feedback. Thanks.

You can start first if you want.

Thank you Lilith :slight_smile:

Here is my collab. Basically I made 5 patterns. I tried to spend not too much time on it to make it “spontaneous”.
See song comments for more details.
Im uploading on this post but maybe Taunt should add it to the first post.
Have funRenoise Song Collab 2019 V2.xrns (861.0 KB)


Checked it. Good job man. Hope more jump on.

Is there any scale for the track?

I’d probably take the pitch LFO detuning ‘wobble’ off any instruments (because honky-tonk) and start with say IDK F minor chord or D flat major or…but there again I’m old fashioned, so maybe there isn’t any ‘in tune’ so to speak(?) :slight_smile:

No. We are just seeing where the track takes us.

Just do what you feel.

Join the collab. Make the change.

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I load up in the next hour …

Yup ! As OP said you can “change” or “add” things. Personally I only added things , but I wont be mad if someone changes my patterns. The beggining would probably sound like a messy “sound brainstorming” but it will be cool to progressively make a “gem” from sketches. Someone could for example “only” work on the mix mastering.

( my english is a bit poor to express my thoughts but I think you got the idea )

I added a kick and a snare, made some side chaining, some delay for the bass, maybe killed some settings by accident. Not really happy with the / my patterns yet, it doesn’t fit to the previous parts :roll_eyes:
So, feel free to change it again and delete my stuff :smiley:

Renoise Song Collab 2019 V3.xrns (928.5 KB)

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Love it ! nice reconstruction and reintegration of previous elements. The only thing I may dislike is that there is two patterns [12 and 13] with empty endings. But the whole thing gives me a lof of ideas.

Sweet. Updated the initial post to update where we are.

Got a chance to listen to it proper. Great job.

Track is starting to take shape.

If no one else goes I’ll just start to add a skeleton track layout.

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I don’t know… guess I did this by accident, but somehow it doesn’t sound bad. Could be usefull… I don’t know if the fouronthefloor beat fits to the chords. Some kind of break beat would with better imo.

Yup, it sound like 3-4 four different tracks mixed. :partying_face: