renoise complextro

Anyone do complextro music in renoise? Seems like renoise would be ideal with the built-in sampling/editing/looping/resampling/per-note effects etc., but I don’t seem to see much of it - seem to see a lot more techno/hardcore breakbeat/hiphop instead. I would be interested to see if anyone has examples of this genre (particularly if xrns files are available…).

This guy has been trying it… apparently both you and I posted in his thread. Complextro Style Bass Tinkering


Just go for it man, and post it in the song forum, and I am sure you get feedback, because obviously its a bit unique to do, so people want to check it out.

Do you mean this kind of thing?

You can embed it by simply posting the http (not https) version of the same link (<<bandname>&gt;/&lt;<songname>&gt;<br>


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You can embed it by simply posting the http (not https) version of the same link (<<bandname>&gt;/&lt;<songname>&gt;<br>


Done it, thank you.

This is a preview of a completro track made by me around half a year ago. I made it using renoise, and for some tracks in it i used reason via rewire. My thoughts on renoise and complextro.

  1. Signal follower - In completro, some main tracks kinda overdub each other, or when a sound comes in, it cuts the previous one. Signal follower is perfect when for example you have that bassline with much mids and highs, and you want to cut it with other sound. Something like sidechaining. It helps to jam out live the complextro “sequece”.

  2. It’s really cool to place automation for effects or samples in patter using pattern commands, instead envelopes, it allows you to see clearly what happens at the moment.

  3. Also, renoise beautiffuly resamples vst’s or in my case reason. After you sampled some parts of melody, you may play it back with different pitches, the SXY command, retrgger, it often turns out cool when you try to play the resampled part in a different way. Also, you might record one note with a certain vst, then another, layer it in instrument settings, add some envelopes or LFO’s to your new instrument… It’s kinda like wavetable synthesis.

The point is, it’s really easier when you sample everything via ctrl+shift+r, or by instrument grabber, (unfortunately instr. grabber doesn’t sample via rewire). You can do tons of crazy shit with it.