Renoise + controllers live?

Hello people,
Can someone explain me what does hitori tori and this guy below do with their controllers?
I cannot see anything change on the trackers!


My guess is he is controlling the arranger view and has a beat repeat all over the place and probably a vst for glitches like dblues glitch

To elaborate on what stoiximan said. He midi mapped the pattern numbers in the arranger view to his controller. When you see him press the pads you can see the patterns re-trigger in sync in the Renoise instance on the left. That’s causing the glitchy beat repeat sound. At least partially. The Renoise instance on the right keeps on playing unaffected.

I think his right most slider (screen left) is either mapped to a reverb send or a high pass on the reverb, not sure.

It’s a bit of hassle to midi map everything properly but it’s fun to play Renoise like this. You don’t need a fancy pad controller like that. Any midi controller will do. You can map things to individual keys.


Indeed is fun but very creative also,you come up with things that you would never have thinked of.There are people that make entire albums just like this.

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Question: Is there any tool that makes this process of midi mapping patterns easier?
Please don’t answer Duplex.

By the way, speaking of which:

Someone managed to make Duplex stable in latest Renoise version - I’m yet to try the pull request, though.

Yea Eretsua basically got it right lol. My right most slider (screen left) is actually the fader for the instance with the drums I was controlling tho. I do still have a reverb slider but it’s 3rd left most slider (screen right). I also have a slider for lowpass and another for combfilter. The way I got the button on the top right to do the glitchy effect was by making it reset an lfo that would turn on the repeater device for like 1 beat iirc. I might do more in the future but it requires the right kind of song to make it work and the setup is a bit tedious lol. Also I didn’t happen to use any plugins for that

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Thank you for replying!
How do you keep the two instances of renoise in sync?

At the very beginning of the video, before the music starts, you can see me pressing 2 buttons really close on my right side. They’re assigned to the start button in Renoise

I would’nt dare to think that it is free running!
Congrats, it’s pretty impressive!

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Not to take anything away from Kaidiak, but pressing two buttons simultaneously once isn’t that impressive, is it? I’m pretty sure pretty much anyone can do that.

Depending on the feeling you want to convey, things don’t have to be 100% in sync anyway.

For example, the Swedish techno duo Monologue. They basically had two independent, full fledged hardware setups. The cool thing was they were running at the same BPM, but there was no sync between them. It worked rather well for them.

Here is the video on their setup:

And here is their performance: