Renoise crash after unloading multiple instance of Tranzistow VST

Loading two instances of tranzistow synth (get it here )
Renoise crashes when choosing 'new song ’
Didn’t happen with previous versions

Could be a bug with the plugins. Some Plugins will crash when choosing “new song”, when they will “shut down” by the DAW. Try also to report this issue to the plugin developers.

Well, if it did not crash before, this might be an indicator for an actual problem in the initialization and destruction of plugin instances…? Also did you open the GUI or not? @gentleclockdivider

So you had an plain empty project, then manually loaded two tranzistow instances into two slots and then chosen “new song”, which is an empty template?

It actually would help if you could initially already write a more detailed problem description, so the devs do not have to ask plenty times before even the problem description is tight.