Renoise Crashes Audio Engine Of Host Rewire - When Render_To_Sample

Hi, is there any chance whatsoever that the inside-Renoise “Render Selection to Sample” could be made somehow more “tidy” - so that it doesn’t crash the ReWire engine and the master host’s audio engine - when during playback (f.ex. Logic-Renoise, Live-Renoise) I decide to suddenly press Render Selection to Sample - it would really be nice to be able to do at least the sample-based stuff on the fly, without it interrupting the workflow.

Ok, now it seems that even stopped “Selection Render to Sample” will cause ReWire host/connection to completely mess up. Is there really nothing that can be done about this? :)

I think Renoise should not be sending positioning data back to the master when performing a render to sample session.

yep ;also crashes reaper when renoise is slave

Could you guys please let us know when exactly this happens why and when? “Is there any chance” sounds as if this is a known thing we all are aware of. We are not.

ReWire Master: Ableton Live
ReWire Slave: Renoise.

Why does it happen?
Because in Renoise ReWire slave mode, I sometimes want to, during the ReWire connection being on, to render a selection to sample inside Renoise. .
Why do I do it? Because it’s so damn handy! Why don’t I do it? Because it crashes ReWire while going “offline” to render the selection, after ReWire is “reclaimed” (it is not) both the ReWire master and the ReWire slave act as if they’ve both been killed - results in lost .xrns and lost .als, and more to the point, doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to.

Originally I thought that this was just something I’d have to get used to (i.e., can’t use “Render Selection to Sample” during a gig during palyback - because playback+render selection = death) - but turns out that rewire+render selection to sample == death.

This is pretty much the only problem I have anymore with Renoise and it’d be really swell to be able to render selection to sample without it killing ReWire.

Actually, render selection to sample killing off rewire connections and thus (at worst) rewire master - has been a known issue since ReWire got introduced.