Renoise crashes during Synthmaster2 VST scan


I installed the Synthmaster2 VST. But everytime i try to scan my VST folders Renoise crashes at the point, when it starts to scan the Synthmaster2 dll.

I deinstalled Synthmaster and installed it again several times, tried all version updates, deinstalled and reinstalled Renoise, deleted the cache files etc. but no success.
But i don’t think it’s the Synthmaster dll. Because in all my other DAW’s Synthmaster works fine without any issues.

EDIT: Renoise 3.1 crashes during the scan of the Synthmaster2 dll. Now i tried with Renoise version 3.01 and here all works fine. It seems there’s a problem with Renoise 3.1.

My setup:

Windows 10 Pro 64 bit
AMD FX-8350 8 core CPU

8GB Ram
Infrasonic Quartet Audio card

Same problem here, Renoise 3.2.1 crash after scan Synthmaster, but 3.1 not. Very strange.

Strange thing. If I load Synthmaster inside of MUX or IL modular host, I can load another instance of Synthmaster in Renoise without crash. Any suggestions?

I solved it, uninstall 3.1.1 and I left only 3.2.1 problems are gone, but its strange and interesting why I cant have 2 versions of renoise in one machine? How they interact with each other and make bugs?

SORRY nothing solved, I just forgot turn off sandboxing, it’s sad.