Renoise crashes if more than one elysia mpressor instance

If I try to use more than one instance of the elysia mpressor plugin renoise crashes (Renoise Plugin Server has stopped working).

In Reaper I could use several instances even in the same track.

Any suggestions?

The effect appears on Windows7 64bit running Renoise 3.1.0

Plugin version is 1.8.

The effect is reproducable in an empty song. Just try to instantiate either “elysia mpressor” or “elysia mpressor sc” more than once.

BTW, latest version of Renoise is. 3.1.1.

BTW, latest version of Renoise is. 3.1.1.

Checked with 3.1.1 - same issue.

Do you have sandboxing enabled in Renoise? Most Plugin Alliance plugins don’t work with that here except for Unfiltered Audio.

Yes, sandboxing was/is enabled.

The effect still occurs.

I did gave the demo a go and it works just fine here as long as nothing is bridged or sandboxed, typical Plugin Alliance behaviour. I did report this to them over a year ago and even then they already knew about it and never bothered to fix it so far. Are you sure you use the right plugin format? Renoise 32bit needs 32bit mpressor, same for 64bit. If you bridge the plugin which Renoise supports it will break, just like when sandboxed.

Obviously I didn’t manage to read your first post properly. :-/
As soon as I disabled sandboxing, everything works just fine. :slight_smile: